Jacqueline Stephens

Jacqueline Stephens

I have led an amazing, adventurous, colorful life....Now I'm "Grams" to two of the worlds most wonderful little boys! Please, re-pin all you want!
Jacqueline Stephens
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Travel to Bukit Lawang in Sumatra, Indonesia and see Orangutan, the great ape, you can get very close up with them in their natural habitat.

Samarkand, 13 years old, the youngest eagle hunter competitor -. Asia; Mongolia

Mongolian boy with his hunting partner, a Golden Eagle. When a boy turns 13 and is strong enough to carry the weight of a grown eagle, his father starts training him in the ancient hunting technique.

Hygrocybe psittacina, commonly... Greeeennnnn!!!

Hygrocybe psittacina, commonly known as the Parrot Toadstool or Parrot Waxcap, is a colourful member of the genus Hygrocybe, the waxcaps, found across Northern Europe. Photo credit: Miguel A.