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Marble Typeface by Tiana Vasilijev

Inspired by a visit to a museum in Southern Vietnam graphic designer Tiana Vasilijev created and photographed this beautifully handmade typeface using marbling ink, water and a tray. What is fantastic about the result of this project is that it maintains legibility while achieving just enough abstraction.

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Alphabet poster typography print kids black and white geometric

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There is something about the darker lines being taken up by the spiraling whorl that reminds me of almost inevitable efforts on the parts of residents to redefine their spaces.

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Dessau Font – Geometric Typeface Design by Javier Fuentes; “Taking inspiration from the Bauhaus; its name comes from one of the cities where the movement was originated. Each letter has its own characteristics, yet they all share the same elements. The result is a minimal looking font with modern qualities.”