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When photographers go too far. All of these pins have been re-pinned from another user who actually thought they were cute. PSA: Please don't do this to your child.
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Wait? WHAT?! No.. seriously.. WHAT?

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Naked Baby in a box.. with a neck tie. There is something about this that just gives me the heebie jeebies.

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For the love of pete.. seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY?

Flipper « 02/2/2013

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Beauty and the beast... I get it.. but I think it is creepy.

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Seriously? It is like the kid is crapping ducks.

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Poor kid.. sure has ugly parents.

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Hope nobody turns on the spigot!

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One Knitted Newborn Wrap - Ready To Ship

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Irony was that this poor kid will grow up to be deathly allergic to peanuts.

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WTF? If you were a mom of twins would you really want to label one kid "the good one" and the other "the bad one"? Ugh.

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Everyone knows a baby doesn't really come with "The Right To Remain Silent" Oh wait!? Is that a can of mace?

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Left the baby on the back of the fire truck? No! NO! NO! NO! NO!

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AHHHH!!!! A tribble ate my baby!

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Totally Creep



This is creepily obvious that it is staged. It is uncomfortably unnatural.

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Piglet Hat & Diaper Cover Set, inspired by Winnie the Pooh (newborn / 3-6 month sizes)


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Who is paying for this kid's future therapy bills?

Piglet Hat & Diaper Cover Set, inspired by Winnie the Pooh (newborn / 3-6 month sizes)

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Baseball would be a much more interesting sport if everyone wore THIS uniform. Side note: Did this baby just sneeze or something? Or maybe he is spitting chew..

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Nom nom nom.. yummy baby!

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This baby is sure to be born with *JAZZ HANDS!!!***

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Yep.. Nailed it. Poor kid.

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Deluxe Red Headband

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Watermark placement FAIL

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This poor poor kid.

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Hey look! A baby turd.. on a platter!

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This looks like the baby rolled off the changing pad and into a drawer. Seriously.

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I told you this coffee tasted like CRAP!

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For crying out loud! Take the clothes OFF the kids before folding it and putting it away!

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