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The King Of Random
The King Of Random
The King Of Random

The King Of Random

The King of Random: Random Weekend Projects, Experiments, Life Hacks, Survival Techniques, and Mad Science

A heavy duty lantern battery is hacked apart, and repurposed for melting metal in a miniature arc reactor furnace.

QC#64 - Battery Hacking: A heavy duty lantern battery is hacked apart, and repurposed for melting metal a miniature arc reactor furnace.

DIY Electromagnetic Flashlight: This is where it all started 5 years ago.

Homemade Sparklers

Crush cans the easy way in a longer way with Science!

QC#55 - Earth Friendly Fuel: Sun and water come together and make a very powerful, and virtually unlimited, "earth friendly" fuel.

QC#53 - Duct Tape Rocket: Someone asked what would happen if I combined the sugar motor with a paper rocket from a previous project, so I tried it with a slightly bigger version.

QC#52 - Sugar Blaster: A rocket made with sugar and kitty litter, blasts over 2,300ft high!

QC#51 - Soul Sucking: A trick with dry ice that resembles sucking soul energy for immortality.

QC#50 - Cryogenic Napalm: A chilling sub zero liquid that will stick to skin, and flash freeze a gummy worm in seconds.

QC#49 - BooHoo Super Glue: I accidentally cut myself working on a project in the basement. Super glue was originally used as a treatment for wounds during the Vietnam War.

QC#48 - Super Tramp: Put new life into your old trampoline with some pool noodles. They add padding to your springs, kids think it’s fun, and they help protect the springs from the elements as well.

QC#47 - Trash Sack Lifehack: Forever change the way you tie trash bags.

QC#46 - Buzz Blaster: I taped Buzz Lightyear to a rocket, and lit the fuse.

Superconductors: Super Cold and Super Cool When electricity passes through a material, like the wire of a circuit, some of its energy is lost to heat and sound as the material resists the current. But what if a material didn’t have any resistance at all, so electricity could zoom through without losing a single bit.

The Complete Car Dashboard Light Guide

Undulatus asperatus The experience of these clouds is as if, it is said, one were below the Sea looking up at the surface of the water. Yet when they occur, there reportedly is little to no turbulence at the land surface. The clouds are most common in the Great Plains of the United States following thunderstorm activity in the earlier parts of the day.

The person in the white coat is throwing a flammable liquid into the air, briefly after igniting the fluid. Basically, this is a giant flame thrower.

Making Sparklers - (Improvised Hand-Held Fireworks) In this project, we're making hand-held sparklers for the 4th of July. When it's time to celebrate with fireworks, you could just buy them. Or you could improvise, and make your own.

Paper Napkin Rose - Instant Flower Valentine This cheesy and spontaneous "lifehack" will definitely make someones day, and could be the perfect way to break the ice.

The Power of The Mini Arc Furnace A makeshift arc reaction chamber. Small enough to sit on the desktop, but powerful enough to melt steel, in under 2 minutes.