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    Readers Cook The Kitchn

    If You Make Our Recipes, Show Us! On Instagram use #thekitchn and tell us what you made. We'll post some of our favorites here.

    Readers Cook The Kitchn

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    Homemade dumplings by @denisedslu_

    Instagram photo by @denisedslu_ (Denise Lu) - via Iconosquare

    Homemade coconut milk by @emmaline_troubadour

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    Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie by @dnlclln

    Instagram photo by @dnlclln (Daniel) - via Iconosquare

    slow cooker bread - Michelle T.

    Instagram photo by @michelleisvegan (Michelle T.) | Iconosquare

    vin d'orange - Rose Pesch

    Instagram photo by @lolavox (Finn 🐟) - via Iconosquare

    steel cut oats - Old Number Nine - Feed Photography and Styling

    Instagram photo by @oldnumbernine (Old Number Nine) | Iconosquare

    No-Knead Loaf From @itsmandal

    Instagram photo by @itsamandal (Amanda 💭) - via Iconosquare

    Warm Citrus Millet Salad from Crystal Chen

    Instagram photo by @xuedan (Xuedan Wang) - via Iconosquare

    Crisp Tuna-Cabbage Salad from Laura Sears

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    Granola Bars from Krissy M.

    Instagram photo by @krissyintherye (Kristen) - via Iconosquare

    Fire Cider from @rachelemus

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    Hot pumpkin buttered rum by Megan Murphy

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    Limoncello by Q

    Instagram photo by @queengwenn (queengwenn) - via Iconosquare

    Spiced lentils with egg from @claraahlvik

    Instagram photo by @claraahlvik (Clara Åhlvik) - via Iconosquare

    Hot Toddy via Heather Farrell

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    • Heather Farrell
      Heather Farrell

      Thanks for the feature :D love your site!

    Homemade peanut butter cups via @equigs30

    Instagram photo by @equigs30 (Liz Quigley) - via Iconosquare

    Sticky Lemon Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze via cassandra howard

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    • Faith Eves
      Faith Eves

      Only photo, no recipe.

    • Sharon Glassman
      Sharon Glassman

      No recipe? Heartbroken :(

    Creamy Watercress Soup with Lemon-Goat Cheese Dumplings via cassandra howard

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    Scallops with lime and cilantro via cassandra howard (used parsley instead of cilantro)

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    Homemade Soft Pretzels from Angelina Knox

    Instagram photo by @angknox (angknox) - via Iconosquare

    Pumpkin Chili from Traci Pandya

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    Lofty buttermilk pancakes from Megan Stilley

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    Peanut Noodles from @denisedslu

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    Baked Apples by Sally Crippen

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    German Apple Pancakde from la Moisson

    Instagram photo by @lamoisson (Anne Barber) - via Iconosquare