Teemu Helenius

Teemu Helenius

Tampere, Finland / I'm a Finnish graphic designer specialising in layout, illustration, book & editorial design.
Teemu Helenius
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Black capped chickadee+

Black-capped chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) - These birds stay in Canada over the winter, and often are seen hiding under the snowy branches of pine and spruce trees. They eat berries.


Did you know, the only real difference between crows and ravens is that crows have five pinion feathers, and that ravens only have four. So the difference between a crow and a raven? Well, that’s a matter of… a pinion.

: : a murder and unkindness : : Raven

I serve the Beloved Creator. Spirit guides me as I deliver messages to those in need. I work in multi dimensions. Upon the Earth plane, I am Raven and Crow. Ed Post Common Raven (Corvus corax)

life-of-a-norse-pagan:Odin is always watchful, do not shame or anger the gods!

Crow~beauty & a speaker of truth. See it's iridescent colors of deep indigo blue~I love you Crow.