Wanna do Bad Things in BonTemps

True Blood is about a barmaid name Sookie who is a telepathic/fairy..Sookie faces many challengs in her little town BonTemps..Where she ends up meeting her first vampire name Bill..So Bill ends up taken Sookie to the bar Fangtasia where she meets Eric Northman the sheriff of Area 5..
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Eric Northman-Alexander Skarsgard

Eric Northman-Alexander Skarsgard obsessed-with-true-blood

Vampire Valentine - True Blood on FB

Jason!!! HA!

Some of the most accurate portrayals of True Blood characters I have ever seen. TOO CUTE

I couldn't be happier about this! My two favorite character's bond together, this will prove entertaining!

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Real Vampires DON"T sparkle! Eric from True Blood.

Ideas for intimate photo assignment

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Some more New Characters in Season 5!!

Some more New Characters in Season

Stephen Moyer and the cast of True Blood Season 5 in Entertainment Weekly article.