Glow in the Dark!

Glow in the Dark!

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This glow in the dark glue costs under two dollars to make and there are so many fun ways to use it!

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Cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution. Glow in the dark bubbles. Girls camp? And fun for kids.

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  • Katie Dupre
    Katie Dupre

    Fail as well.

  • Ander Hay
    Ander Hay

    I was told to try a non toxic highlighter. Break one open and mix with bubbles. Opening the glow sticks in Canada is toxic and didn't work. Maybe the glow sticks are different around the world..and do work...but not for this girl!

  • Carol LCR
    Carol LCR

    Tried and failed. I realized i had dripped the solution around the balcony, so i make sure i got every corner and sat inside admiring the work, didnt last long since it was diluted with the bubble solution, but it is easy to wash it off next morning. Just make sure u don't step and walk indoors.

  • Joyce Childress
    Joyce Childress

    I tried and grandson was disappointed! So was I ...

  • Tabitha Andrews
    Tabitha Andrews

    Fail. Activated the glow sticks (like, 10 of them), snipped both ends of each one and blew it into the solution. Didn't work at all.

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Glowing tonic filled balloons- tonic also makes a great alternative to glow water at bath. My daughter loved shaking the balloons, and making the water bubble and fizz. Looks so cool!

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Night Bowling (water bottles and glow sticks) we did this last summer and the kids LOVED it!

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Glowing GOOP sensory play- fun for babies and toddlers. Have your children played with GOOP yet?

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Have your little ones explored with water beads yet? They are all the rave in mom circles right now. As soon as I got my hands on them, I knew why! Did you know you can make these gems glow?

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Glowing bubbles- very easy to make, and SO fun!

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DIY Glowing Eggs

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Glowing homemade bath paint! SO fun!

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A Glowing Experience

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glow in the dark ring toss---using glow sticks

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glow in the dark tub!

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A Glowing Experience

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neon makeup

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  • Jennifer Womack
    Jennifer Womack

    That's so cool I might use that for my daughter's birthday party

Ping pong ball lights!

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Glow in the Dark Rocks

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Blob lights. Made out of battery tea lights and cut balloons. Gives off a soft glow. Used for Halloween, or other party.

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glow in the dark treasure hunt

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Glow in the dark??? Awesome.

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glow in the dark moon pillow

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glow in the dark food

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Glow in the dark Painting Session!

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