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Modern Rarity palmer/harding Tie Waist Shirt

Shop for Modern Rarity palmer/harding Tie Waist Shirt

Hewer Skirt

Shop for Hewer Skirt - The Hwere skirt by Roland Mouret. The fluted skirt is attractive and enhances the bodyline of this on the knee classic.

Finery Elmworth Block Heeled Ankle Boots

Shop for Finery Elmworth Block Heeled Ankle Boots - New Finery collection at John Lewis, Take a look at the Finery Elmsworth ankle boot.

La Selva Picnicware

John Lewis's La Selva range of picnic essentials takes inspiration from the tropical rain forests of Peru.

Maekake Apron

Shop for Maekake Apron - Maeke aprons are seen all over Japan in restaurants and at home.

Jangala Velvet Cushion

Shop for Jangala Velvet Cushion - Jangala cushion with its digital print on the matt velvet material gives a strikingly sharp image.

Avia Rattan Chair

Shop for Avia Rattan Chair - The avia chair made with dramatic loops for a stunning effect.

Caterpillar Day Bed

Caterpillar Day Bed, Rose Red Wool Mix Available in red or grey fabric, each one expertly tailored in a wool-blend fabric. Place it at the foot of your bed, by the bay window or anywhere you like to cat nap.

John Lewis Cosmic LED Pendant Light

Buy John Lewis Cosmic LED Ring Pendant Ceiling Light from our Ceiling Lighting range at John Lewis.

Chocolat Beehive Sculpture

Shop for Chocolat Beehive Sculpture - This showstopper beehive sculpture Easter egg sculpture is handmade by a mother and daughter team of chocolatiers.

Salsa Outdoor Chair

Shop for Salsa Outdoor Chair - The Salsa outdoor chair will make a striking addition to the garden scenery.

Wagashi Tea Canister

Shop for Wagashi Tea Canister - Store your loose tea in this Japanese wagashi decorated tea canister.