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For Green Eyes

For Green Eyes

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Make you green eyes pop with this 'Foiled Fanatic' look by MadeleineGraceMakeupArtistry using Makeup Geek's Flame Thrower, Jester, Magic Act and Showtime foiled eyeshadows.

Foiled Fanatic

Gorgeous look for our green eyed babes! This 'Envy' look by Havsvind using Makeup Geek's Envy, Gold Digger and Mocha eyeshadows!

ENVY – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

The red/purple hues of eyeshadow really make those green eyes pop! This 'Enchanted' Idea Gallery look by Makeabella using Makeup Geek's Mocha, Peach Smoothie eyeshadows, Enchanted pigment, and the Vegas Lights Palette.

Enchanted – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

"Green Eyed Vegas" by Maxineczka using the Makeup Geek Vegas Lights pigment. The copper tones make green eyes a stand out!

Green Eyed Vegas

"Neon Chameleon" by kitulec using the Makeup Geek Latte and Mocha eyeshadows with Electric gel liner.

Neon Chameleon – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

"Warm Copper" by kitulec using the Makeup Geek Bitten eyeshadow and Vegas Lights pigment.

Warm Copper – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek
  • Vanessa Guénard
    Vanessa Guénard

    Hi Marlena, I can't seem to fin Bitten on your site... Is it out of stock or did you stop making it???

"Touch of Purple" by kitulec using the Makeup Geek Creme Brûlée, Latte and Mocha eyeshadows with Electric gel liner.

Touch of Purple

"Summer Evening" By Gajewska.wiktoria using the Makeup Geek Chickadee and Vanilla Bean eyeshadows!

Summer Evening – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

Beautiful brown and gold smokey eye by dzastina252 using the Makeup Geek Brown Sugar, Corrupt, Glamorous, Moondust, Pixie Dust, and Pretentious eyeshadows.

smoky eyes with brown

"Everyday neutral" By Linzlewsions using the Makeup Geek Beaches and Cream, Cocoa Bear, and Shimma Shimma eyeshadows with Liquid Gold pigment.

Everyday neutral
  • Stanton Kindle
    Stanton Kindle

    I've watched your videos but have yet to master the blending technique.

  • Maggie Mieczkowksa
    Maggie Mieczkowksa

    did you do beaches and cream on crease shimma shimma on lid and cocoa bear on the outer v

"Heaven" by dzastina252 using the Makeup Geek Brown Sugar, Neptune, Pooliside, and Shimma Shimma eyeshadows.

heaven – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek
  • 🌹Alexandra Martinez🌹
    🌹Alexandra Martinez🌹

    ★Aileen Ramos♥ do it, do it.

  • 👠Aileen Ramos💄
    👠Aileen Ramos💄

    I need to find an outfit to go with it.

  • 🌹Alexandra Martinez🌹
    🌹Alexandra Martinez🌹

    Im sure you have something. Si no cant go worng with blk and make the ojos pop

"Makeup Glam" By inka2504. Makeup Geek products used: Burlesque, Corrupt, Mango Tango, and Vanilla Bean eyeshadows. Immortal gel liner. Blitz and Liquid Gold pigments.

Makeup Glam – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

"Greens" by Wrzosowisko. Makeup Geek products used: Envy, Moondust, Pixie Dust, and Poison Ivy eyeshadows. Kryptonite and Sweet Dreams pigments.

Greens – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek
  • Torii Cannon
    Torii Cannon

    Judith Kalil this look would be great on you!

  • Judith Kalil
    Judith Kalil

    I should give it a go then!

Dramatic and bold, this cat eye is perfect for all you green eyed babes. Look by Kamilcia using the Makeup Geek Neptune eye shadow and Electric gel liner.

makeup – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

"Spring has Just Come" by using the Makeup Geek eyeshadow Latte and Mystic gel liner.

Spring has just come

Warm and smokey this look by kamilcia using the Makeup Geek eye shadows Bitten, Corrupt, and Mango Tango is perfect for a night out.

makeup – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

"Twilight at Dawn" by Diamante Make up featuring the Makeup Geek eyeshadows Shimma Shimma, Sensuous, Wisteria, and Yellow Brick Road.

Twilight at dawn

"Pop of color" by Linzlewsions using Makeup Geek eyeshadows in Beaches and Cream, Cocoa Bear, and Shimma Shimma

pop of color – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

"Night Sky"by Candykiller using the Makeup Geek eye shadows Bada Bing, Neptune and Unicorn.

Night Sky – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

"Olive in the Sunlight" by gajewska,wiktoria using Makeup Geek eye shadows in Appletini, Corrupt, Dirty Martini, Vanilla Bean, White lies, Yellow Brick Road, and Lemon Drop.

Olive in the Sunlight

"Prom look for vampires" by MadamNoire using Makeup Geek's eye shadows in Burlesque, Corrupt, and White Lies.

Prom look for vampires

"Pastelove" By Candy Killer using Makeup Geek's eye shadows in Mango Tango, Neptune, and Simply Marlena.

Pastelove – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek

Fun colorful look perfect for spring & summer by Candy Killer using Makeup Geek's Neptune, Mango Tango, and Simply Marlena. Be sure to check out her blog for other great looks!

Pastelove czyli dzienny makijaż w kolorach :)

"Sweet Razzleberry" By: gajewska,wiktoria

Sweet Razzleberry
  • Rachel Hill
    Rachel Hill


  • Zubair Siraj
    Zubair Siraj

    Hello Makeup Geek , I would love to speak to you about a Pinterest opportunity called Pin, Post & Share-shoot me an email to .

Love this beautiful look, "Peacock’s Love" By Gajewska.wiktoria on Makeup Geek

Peacock’s Love – Idea Gallery - Makeup Geek
  • Gretchen Smith
    Gretchen Smith

    These colors would be awesome on brown eyes...