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Bringing Up Bébé’s Yogurt Cake Recipe | The Mama Notes

Last weekend we had so much fun baking these Quinoa Banana Cookies that on Saturday Piper and I baked again together.

Everything You Need For Breastfeeding | The Mama Notes

I never thought I'd need so much STUFF to breastfeed. I assumed I'd need some nipple cream and a boppy and that I'd be set. Over the course of my year nursing

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Best baby food cookbooks

I've talked at length about Piper's picky eating habits and the meals she does like to eat but I thought I'd share a few of our favorite cookbooks that I've

My Baby Registry Must-Haves | The Mama Notes

I've been working on this post for a while now and I'm excited to finally share the list of items I would put on my registry today if I had the opportunity to

Art Project Ideas For Kids 1 & Under | The Mama Notes

As a new mom I was eagerly waiting the age when Piper would be excited to do art projects with me -- I'm a creative after all and have always loved 'arts &

Wye’s Home Birth Story | The Mama Notes

In this series we share birth stories of all kinds from mothers around the globe — with the hope that they inspire, educate and inform expecting mothers.