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i should give this another try

gone bowling | whollyKao

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i think i'll give this another try

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Dove Bobby

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Porcelain Jewelry, Dove Bobby Pin

Supermarket - Great design. Straight from designers.

cold porcelain recipe

cold porcelain recipe

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cold porcelain recipe

tutorial how to make clay

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miniature roses

Cold Porcelain

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dove ornament

jessica jane: HANDMADE: Holiday Ornament Tutorial

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really good recipe, instructions and FAQ section

Cold Porcelain Recipe

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French Love You tag

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gift tag

French Love You tag

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White Clay Owl Necklace

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owl necklace

White Clay Owl Necklace

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personalised Christmas ornaments from air dry clay

a little MAKING | Little Piece of Pie | Page 2

Clay Snowflake


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Yellow air dry clay snowflake

Yellow Snowflake Christmas Decoration

Refresh Restylefrom Refresh Restyle

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air dry clay

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To go with the air dry porcelain!

November | 2007 | pottery blog: emily murphy


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much better tutorial for cold porcelain (air dry porcelain). lots of pictures, and made in a small batch:) includes links to video tutorials at the end

How to Make Cold Porcelain - CraftStylish Homefrom Home

Texture Air Dry Clay with Clear Stamps

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Handmade ornaments! Air dry clay and stamps!!! LOVE!!!

Use Clear Stamps to Texture Air Dry Clay

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porcelain keys

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add texture to ceramics

Featured Vendor—Alyssa Ettinger « Brooklyn Flea

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Plaster Leaf Prints Can do same thing with salted dough or homemade cold porcelain

that artist woman: Plaster Leaf Prints

Porcelain Yahoo

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air dry porcelain ornament

Inspired Creations - Vol. 2

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air dried porcelain

DIY: Air-Dried Porcelain | 2Modern Blog

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Tutorial on how to make air dried porcelain. white glue, cornstarch, white vinegar, glycerin, canola oil

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air-dry clay and textures using texture mats, I LOVE

Clay Craft - Urban Comfort