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The Cycle of Letting Go

The Cycle of Letting Go | The Minimalists

63 photos from the filming of #MinimalismFilm

Excerpts | Minimalism Film

A Few Book Recommendations from The Minimalists

A Few Book Recommendations from The Minimalists | The Minimalists

Let’s Chat About Simplifying

Let's Chat About Simplifying | The Minimalists

Essential: The Best of The Minimalists

Essential: The Best of The Minimalists | The Minimalists

WordTasting Tour 2015 Update: Trailer, New City, Lodging Help

WordTasting Tour 2015 Update: Trailer, New City, Lodging Help | The Minimalists

NEW MONTH, LESS CLUTTER. Tomorrow marks the start of a new month, and for many people it will present a new beginning. Join the thousands of people who are playing our 30-DAY MINIMALISM GAME. It's free, it's fun, and it can give you the momentum you need to clear the clutter and regain control of your life. ‪#‎MinsGame‬

Let's Play a Minimalism Game Together | The Minimalists

The Minimalists’ Favorite Podcasts

The Minimalists' Favorite Podcasts | The Minimalists

We discussed minimalism and spirituality with Rob Bell on his wonderful #RobCast podcast today:

Rob Bell Books, Films, Noomas, Mars Hill Teachings

If your phone is constantly about to die, then maybe it's not the phone that has a problem.

Why Is My Phone About to Die? | The Minimalists

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The Minimalists

How to Plan for Retirement

How to Plan for Retirement | The Minimalists

We signed more than a thousand books for charity yesterday. Big thanks to everyone who donated to help us build the school in Laos. Thanks to you, it is happening. Giving is living. #contribution

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    Bridget Elizabeth

    This pin doesn't link back to anywhere! :( Can your edit the source parameters to link to the site where we can donate?

We share our entire indie-publishing recipe—soup to nuts—in this new book: HOW TO PUBLISH AN INDIE BOOK

Published Today: How to Publish an Indie Book: An Asymmetrical Guide

An Apple Watch Won’t Give You More Time

The film-festival cut of Minimalism: A Documentary is outstanding—beautiful and inspirational. Director Matt D'Avella is a genius. Can't wait to share it with you. More details, teaser trailer, and interview excerpts at

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Simplifying the Minimalist Catalog

Simplifying the Minimalist Catalog | The Minimalists

Ready for Spring Cleaning

Ready for Spring Cleaning? | The Minimalists

TIME for Minimalism

TIME for Minimalism | The Minimalists

90/90 Minimalism Rule

90/90 Minimalism Rule | The Minimalists
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    andrea torres

    que lindo, pero no entiendo mucho lo que están haciendo

WordTasting Tour 2015 | The Minimalists

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? What's stopping you? Creating our blog—The Minimalists—was the single most important decision we've ever made. Not only did it lead to two bestselling books, a multi-city tour, and more than 4 million readers, but our blog is the the perfect outlet for personal creativity, communication, and expression. Most important, we've been able to contribute beyond ourselves in a meaningful way. Here's how we did it, step by step:

Hard to believe it’s already a new month. You know what that means: a new 30-Day Minimalism Game. Ready to play? Grab a friend, coworker, or family member, and let’s go! #MinsGame

Let's Play a Minimalism Game Together | The Minimalists

#MinimalismFilm: An Exciting Update

Minimalism Film: An Exciting Update | The Minimalists