marshmallowsandbubbles: “ what kind of wizardry is this? ” I thought it was real opal to begin with but the source says it is a polymer clay faux made to look like opal. I want some!

Here are some fascinating, yet true, science facts that geeks would love.

I thought these were really interesting facts. These kinds of facts are what get me interested in learning more about the subject and science in general. Here are some fascinating, yet true, science facts that geeks would love.

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If you get it, you are awesome… It's to infinity and beyond! So yes, I am awesome.


Ethiopian opal with a Honeycomb pattern. Ethiopian opal is susceptible to clouding and then disintegrating.

Ten weird random facts… My favorite is the hydrant.

Ten weird random facts…

Funny pictures about Ten weird random facts. Oh, and cool pics about Ten weird random facts. Also, Ten weird random facts.


Pretty Pink Rhodochrosite Raw Crystal Gemstone Broad Ribbon Rainbow Opal _ A 17 carat rough broad ribbon pattern, precious .

Decellularized "Ghost" Heart  The cells are removed by a chemical process, leaving only Extracellular Matrix, so the new cells of the transplantee, which match the DNA, can be grown on this heart, so the rejection of the organ doesn't happen. It's still in the experimental stage, but it is promising.

Ghost heart

This is a “ghost organ.” It has been decelluralized, leaving only connective tissue. The organ can then be reseeded with a patient’s own cells to regenerate it so it can be transplanted without fear of tissue rejection. This is experimental.


This boulder opal looks like a landscape. Pond, mountains in the background and a cloudy sky! Opal - imparts clear insight, frees wearer from jealousy & greed, brings financial success ❦ CHRYSTALS ❦ semi precious stones ❦

Oh... you... Disney!

Oh... you... Disney!

I can see tangled and frozen, ah yeah, the little mermaid, maybe, but I love the thought of them all being connected