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Coconut Creations

I'm completely obsessed with coconut baked goods. This compiles a list of inspiring recipes that I have both tried and planned to try.

This is a coconut lover’s dream. Dive into billowy, moist clouds of Tres Leches Coconut Cake, coconut pastry cream, fresh whipped cream, and toasted coconut....SO YUMMY!!

Coconut Panna Cotta with Mango

Hummingbird High: Lime and Coconut Cream Tart

The Samoa - Measure out 2oz bourbon. Drink it. Nicely done! Okay, now measure out 2oz more of bourbon, plus 1oz cream, 1/2oz creme de cacao, 1/2oz egg white, and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Shake it all w/ ice, then top with the namesake cookie and shredded coconut (toasting coconut with flame torchy thingy optional).

Mini Coconut Passion Fruit Cakes

Coconut Milk Skillet Cake with Kahlua Drizzle

Steamed Coconut Buns - a Jamie Oliver recipe via The Little Things blog

White Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Cups with Toasted Coconut and Pink Salt: So simple, I have a ton of white chocolate in my freezer, coconut at the ready and I've been dying to buy that Himalayan salt from the food section at Marshalls. Easter treat?

Thai Tea Cake with Creamed Coconut Frosting. This is the cutest cake ever, and the flavor combination is sinful!

Coconut Doughnuts. I have two doughnuts baking pans and this recipe looks remarkably healthy with applesauce, almond meal and coconut oil! It also is...gluten free by the looks.

Coconut Banana Fritters: I've never deep fried anything, but I suspect that there has to be a way to bake these.

Triple Coconut Cheesecake. Pinning the results of my own take on this pinned recipe:

Easy to whip up coconut cookies.

Whipped coconut cream - both vegan and deliciously coconut!

Triple Coconut Cheesecake from The Novice Chef. I wasn't afraid to use five different coconut products in one recipe before and I won't be afraid to do it again. This looks utterly fluffy even below the coconut whipped cream. Edit: Completed! Came out amazing!

Coconut Apricot Oatmeal Cookies - I can't eat apricot or oatmeal, but I think that I can adapt these to make something magical.

Coconut Crumbed Bananas. Do I have to say anything more? I'd love to pretend this was healthy, but its not. It's baaaaad.

Coconut Rice Pudding. I had rice pudding for the first time in my adult life the other evening and was mesmerized. It was surrounded by freshly poured mango puree and topped with a dollop of ginger sorbet. What an explosion of sweet flavors! In my hunt for a recipe to recreate it, I came across this. Coconut! Perfect to match with a sweet mango puree, perhaps drizzle some on top!

Coconut Mousse: coconut in its lightest form, delicate and delicious. Try not to think too much about the coconut milk, heavy cream and egg yolks.