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a pink flower with a quote from st catherine of stena on the top right side
a yellow rose with the words, when i die, i will send down a shower of roses from the heaven, i will spend my heaven
the sun is setting over water with sailboats in the background and a quote from st teresa of avlia
Feminine wisdom
the cross in front of a stained glass window with an image of jesus on it
a dandelion with a quote on it that says, a dream is wish your heart makes
Sometimes the quotes that speak to the feminine heart are Disney quotes. Disney princesses have the feminine genius, too!
an image of a woman holding a baby in her arms with the words, because a woman brought death to bright fallen women, and as the highest blessing
a person holding a glass ball with a pink flower inside it and the words, our soul should be like a transparent crystal through which god can be
an orange rose with the words, lord let your dogma live freely within me
the silhouette of a person standing in front of a cloudy sky with an inspirational quote
Our Lady of Sorrows
two women holding hands with the sun setting behind them and text that reads true feminist respect woman's essential identity as an image of god
#complementarity #femininegenius
a cross with the words she can do all things through christ who straightens her
#CatholicWomen are #StrongWomen
Words of wisdom from Mother Teresa Mother Teresa, Words Of Wisdom, Change The World, Words, I Am Alone, Mother, It Cast
Words of wisdom from Mother Teresa
an image of a statue with a quote on it
Catholic quotes- St. Catherine of Siena
a cup of coffee and rosary on a saucer
#catholic #quotes #FultonSheen