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Why should you not be an entrepreneur? Watch Phil Libin's talk on TNW Video to find out.

Phil Libin - Why do You Want to be an Entrepreneur? - TNW Video
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    Social Marketing Pro

    Awesome stuff :)

How to be a ninja innovator? Watch Gary Shapiro's talk on TNW Video to find out.

Gary Shapiro - Ninja Innovation - TNW Video

John Lunn talks about the future of shopping. Are brick and mortar stores slowly changing into showrooms? Watch John Lunn‘s talk on TNW Video.

John Lunn - The Future Of Shopping - TNW Video

Ancilla Tilia says that for our children, the term “freedom” might be very abstract and unknown. How can we stop it? Watch Ancilla Tilia‘s talk on TNW Video.

Ancilla Tilia - Privacy, Piracy, Politics - TNW Video

How to be a ninja innovator? Watch Gary Shapiro's talk on TNW Video to find out.

Gary Shapiro - Ninja Innovation - TNW Video

Kenneth Cukier talks about the possibilities of Big Data. How can Big Data help to save a life? Watch his talk on TNW Video.

Kenneth Cukier - About Big Data - TNW Video

What is the DNA required for companies to innovate? Craig le Grice offers 7 ways of how to be more innovative. Watch the video on TNW Video.

Craig le Grice - The DNA required for Companies to Innovate - TNW Video

Tim Ferriss, the author of the book 4-Hour Week shares the secrets of skill acquisition and learning. What is the best way to learn languages? Watch Tim Ferriss‘s talk on TNW Video.

Tim Ferriss - How to Master any Skill by Deconstructing it - TNW Video

Seth Godin, the author of the book Icarus Deception shares the secret of success. Why is it better to be sorry than to be safe? Watch Seth Godin‘s talk on TNW Video.

Seth Godin - The Icarus Deception - TNW Video

How to build a global media company using videos? Watch Jimmy Maymann's talk on TNW Video.

Jimmy Maymann - The Evolution of Huffington Post - TNW Video

Watch Julia Hartz's talk on TNW Video about how to develop, sustain and protect company’s culture.

Julia Hartz - The Culture Economy - TNW Video

Watch Stefan's talk about Bitcons on TNW Video.

Stefan Molyneux - Money, Power and Politics: The Cryptocurrency Revolution - TNW Video

Watch Seth's talk and other success stories on TNW Video platform.

Videos from The Next Web - TNW Video

Probably everyone would object the mailman checking our post, so why don’t we mind Google looking through our email? Watch Aral Balkan's talk on TNW Video

Aral Balkan - Free is a lie - TNW Video

Watch Kathryn Minshew's talk about the lessons she learned as a startup founder on TNW Video

Kathryn Minshew - Lessons from Building a Start-up - TNW Video

TNW Quotes: "As a startup CEO..."

TNW Quotes - This one is from Mitchell Kapor...

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A quote from the author Philip K. Dick.... A man ahead of his time?

TNW Quotes: Playing it safe is risky business says LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman...

Anyone called your business or startup idea crazy recently?

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  • Ed Cole
    Ed Cole

    Yep. Lol

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  • Arlo Barnes
    Arlo Barnes

    Does not mean they are not right sometimes, though.

Would you ever throw your Macbook out the window? :)

"If you don't fail at least 90% of the time, you're not aiming high enough" - Alan Kay

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Bill Gates: "I always choose a lazy person to..." quote

Quote: "Geeks are people who...." by Marrisa Mayer. Yahoo! Inc