it's the way to a girls heart too sometimes ;)

that's what a PREGNANT GIRL wants to hear. What a girl wants to hear is, "I bought you chocolate.

Giraffes catching the raindrops outside their house in the Taronga Zoo exhibit in Sydney,  Australia.  Photograph by Rick Stevens©

Giraffes catching the raindrops outside their house in the Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia. Photo by Rick Stevens© so cute! I love giraffes

Books fall open, you fall in

"Books fall open, you fall in" © David McCord @ Goodreads Illustrated Quote of the Month

Happy Giraffe!

I love Giraffes and all other animals! I love Africa! I love that I can see nature at its best. This picture is awesome. I am determined to create a gumpaste/fondant giraffe that will closely resemble this one.

standing tall

Stand Tall giraffe using letters to form the shape of the animal. Fun art project for older homeschooler interested in joining their younger siblings in a unit study about giraffes.

giraffe tall n curly

Curly Illustrator Spotlight: Cheyan (Tall N Curly)


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If only I could remember everything like I remember song lyrics!

No such thing as too tall. Bring on the heels!!!

Brazilian designer and illustrator Carol Rossetti's images are beautiful feminist statements about freedom, from body positivity to ageing to sexuality.

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