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So cool. Students get to pretend they are in 1846 and traveling west. You decide to keep a journal of your adventure! TpT resource

Great for westward expansion

Examples of Going West Journals

Examples of Going West Journals

9 Ideas For Organizing Differentiated Instruction Do you WANT to differentiate, but are completely frozen in fear just thinking about all the chaos that COULD ensue in your classroom if you tried it? I am here to help with 9 tips that might get you moving in the right direction towards DI instead of away from it!

Summer Vocabulary Bingo FunPractice reading some summer vocabulary while having fun playing bingo!A total of 25 different cards in both color and BW are included in this game making it useful for summer day camps or other summertime groups. This would also be a great activity to welcome students back on the first day of school.Summer words include:August, baseball, camping, swimsuit, diving, sunny, ice cream, July, starfish, nature, picnic, June, relaxsummer, swim, travel, sunglasses, vacati...

Practice reading some summer vocabulary while having fun playing bingo!Try this 5 card sample! Find the complete game atSummer Vocabulary Bingo FunA total of 25 different cards in both color and BW are included in this game making it useful for summer day camps or other summertime groups.

These voice level flip charts are a fun and visual way to let kids know how loud they are expected to be in different situations. "Silence is Golden" is for silent reading while "Formal Speech" might be allowed during your jigsaw. Simply practice these levels with your class and record examples on an anchor chart. A one page chart is also included! These Voice Level Charts are in English AND Spanish!

Learn the how and why of the exit slip and grab a freebie.

Dragon's Den Curriculum: Power Up! All About Energy! Get great game links plus a freebie for energy!

If you teach weather, don't miss this great post. It has a great weather video, plus links to weather activities and games just made for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades!

Dragon's Den Curriculum: Creating Better Writers...Get six ideas to incorporate into your writing program to get those writers writing up a storm!

Dragon's Den Curriculum: Searching for Guided Reading Materials! Find out where to get more guided reading materials to really get those kids reading!

The last days of school are fun, hectic and, often a little crazy. This packet is meant to help you and your students enjoy the last days of school while still doing activities that promote reading, writing and math. Activities are correlated to third and fourth grade common core standards. $

50 genius STEM activities for kids! So many fun science, technology, engineering and math ideas in one spot.

Investigate the energy from the sun with this fun Common Core related unit. Students will work through the scientific process while responding in writing. This digital download contains:Detailed Instructions on how to assemble a pizza box solar oven with photographsDonation request sheet Note pages for the scientific investigationData collection sheetGraph for a bar or line plotGraphic organizer for procedural writingS'more themed writing paperStandards addressed: RI.5, RI. 6, RI.7, W.2, W.7...

Mother's Day Activities - Power Pack!

FREEBIE! These five fun graphing posters will grab your student's attention during the last five days of school! Each day they have a new question about summer to graph and discuss. This is a fun way to think about the great activities of summer, but still meet math standards in a quick and fun way.

Moon Phases FREE TEACHING RESOURCE - Great to use as an assessment

Guided Reading Strategies

Reading Graffiti Board...I love this! Put up black paper, provide silver sharpies and let students write one quote from a book. They'll be reading more critically to find that one perfect quote!

What Do Teachers Do in the Summer? This would be a great end of the year writing activity!

Reading is Thinking Anchor Chart