Coyamito Agate from Mexico

Coyamito Agate -x- Amazing pictures of crystals etc on this site. They got them from Narnia. No I refuse to believe it doesn't exist.

In Western Culture, the color purple is a symbol of wealth and royalty. People that rule places are often seen wearing the color purple. It is sometimes seen as artificial because it isn't often seen in nature. Purple is also the color of mourning widows

Bismuth Crystal Pick4U by SethMaranukDesigns on Etsy

Bismuth Crystal Pick4U

I will select for you one of these bismuth crystals as pictured. They are sturdy, solid, and have a minimal single contact point where they

Iridescent Bismuth Jewelry - Etsy

Kaleidoscopic Statement Accessories

iridescent bismuth jewelry - These iridescent bismuth jewelry creations by Etsy seller are stunning examples this brilliant organic material. Bismuth is a delicate me.

Birthstones from January-December

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