Someday I would love for my grandkids to have a picture of us like this.saying never let the fun stop.or never stop having fun or you are allowed to be silly at any age.

made me smile :)

Zooey Deschanel on ideal world and waking up - Funny quote by Zooey Deschanel: "In an ideal world no one would talk before People would just hug, because waking up is really hard.

@Carin Lea    This is why you have me

A hilarious situation showing a giant spider that is sitting right next to the emergency button. An ironic caption says that in case of emergency no one will want to push the button because of the bug.

Grammar @Carin Lea. thought you would appreciate #14 :)

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly - Infographic on common grammar mistakes for copywriters.

miniature chameleons discovered... they're so small, they fit on the tip of a matchstick... Cute? I think YES

Tiniest Chameleon Credit: PLoS One. The world’s tiniest chameleon, Brookesia micra, was discovered on a tiny island off Madagascar, scientists reported in February Adult males of the B.