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Some people just love a good loophole.

Some people just love a good loophole.

I giggled.

Like an asian. I want to be Asian so I can avoid those annoying numbers. >> Your mom is a bus!

We see the Eagle, majestic and proud, perched on his mountain nest, preparing for flight. He stretches forth his mighty wings, gives a great leap, and *CRASH*! Mom: Honey, what the heck were you doing? Me: Um, pretending to make an Eagle documentary? Mom: Oh! Glad to see you were doing something not completely idiotic! Me: I was the eagle... Mom:... Me:... Mom:... I'll just... leave now...

Ways to sit on couches. Usually I'm the French girl one, the what is life one or the sleeping beauty one


Actually, falling down stairs is worse, cuz I've done both and going down friggin hurts I broke my ankle