Seedling Tray

When to Plant Vegetables Reference Chart: Here’s a handy chart to help you determine when to plant vegetables in the garden. They’re divided into two groups: Cool-Season and Warm-Season

Great gardening tips and ideas! Most of them I didn't know about.

20+ Insanely Clever Gardening Tips and Ideas (flowers & vegetables)

Companion planting guide and which plants to use to naturally repel pesky insects

36 Tips and Ideas to Make Your Garden Grow

Companion planting guide and which plants to use to naturally repel pesky insects - Garden Life

Plants for a bee friendly garden! Love this!

HTBEE, Bee Friendly Tea Towel This stunning tea towel is a guide to bee friendly plants for each season, helping you plant flowers to encourage bees and other pollinating insects to your garden. Designed, made and printed in the UK.

Alternative Gardning: Beneficial Garden Insects

Beneficial Garden Insects - Predators hunt, attack, and kill their prey. Encourage these natural enemies by avoiding pesticides that kill them; choosing plants that provide them pollen, nectar, and shelter; and keeping ants out of pest infested plants.

When veggies are in season.

in-season fruits & veggies. Infographic: A Cheat Sheet For Seeing What Veggies And Fruits Are In Season Co.Design Russell Van Kraayenburg's Produce Calendars are about more than just saving your tastebuds. They can actually help promote good health.

Square Foot Gardening Plant Spacing - Beautiful Home and Garden

Square Foot Gardening Plant Spacing So previously we talked about Square Foot Gardening. I was telling you all to plant as many seeds as you can perf squar

Square Foot Planting Guide

Square Foot Planting Guide--Are you deep in to planning your vegetable garden? Small space gardeners tend to get good yield and lot of variety with a square foot garden

Alternative Gardning

Helpful chart to identify deficiency problems in plants. What Does the Leaf Says About Nutrient Deficiency Problem

Companion Planting Chart

A free companion planting guide to 67 plants, herbs and trees + companion panting chart.

Alternative Gardning

Three year crop rotation plan to prevent exhaustion of land. I plan to rotate beds and add a fourth year of rest.

Companion Gardening

Companion Planting 101

Companion Planting Chart : find your crop in the left column then look to find good companions and bad companions. (Link is bad, but chart is readable)