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Skull chief- Pert of a sleeve or single design on chest would look very nice, especially with warm colours.

~~DIE~~Native Indian ~~RICH~~ Wolf and Feather Head Dress 'Possible Metaphor' The Skull indicates the death of a Native Indian, that wore this Head Dress once upon a time.

Clock with skull tattoo design

Clock with skull tattoo design replace cross with star of david and skull with some type of flower or something.

Every Marvel & DC movie up till 2020... I know what I'm doing for the next five years of my life.

Every Marvel & DC movie up till This is how my life will be measured for the next five years. Not birthdays, not semesters, not holidays, but superhero movie release dates.

By far one of the coolest tattoos we’ve come across. #InkedMagazine #viking #tattoo

Vikings are some of the coolest figures in history and led to some of the most influential impacts on pop culture today. Norse mythology inspired the creation of the superhero Thor and his villainous brother, Loki, and the Viking culture. [ read more ]

Avengers Captain America Charger Power Bank

Specifications: Type: Emergency / Portable Compatible Brand: all brands Battery Capacity(mAh): Design: Captain America Power Bank Applicable on: - Apple, Samsung / HTC / smart mobile phone,