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Possibilities - Christmas

Possibilities to try for Christmas on

Possibilities - Christmas

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DIY Ballerinas Snowflakes

SNOWFLAKE BALLERINAS for Crafty Moms | krokotak

Pretty & Cozy: DIY STAR TREE TOPPER Explained

Pretty & Cozy: DIY STAR TREE TOPPER Explained

Sewing writing on fabric.

Jenny The Artist: how to embroider words onto fabric

Doodle on glass ornament with glue. Pour glitter over ornament, tap extra glitter off. Let dry.

My DIY Christmas - Part 4 "German Glass Glitter Ornaments"
  • Jen Kistner
    Jen Kistner

    Glitter glue?

  • Joanne

    I did that last year for your pintesting thing where we sent the results to your friend. Glitter really is herpes.

Handmade bottle brush trees

Christmas Sock exchange party! Everyone brings a pair of Xmas socks filled with goodies!

Life in its Ordinary Form: Christmas Sock Exchange!
  • Caryn Haley
    Caryn Haley

    Great idea!!

Yes, let's make baby Jesus a wiener and then eat him. (I don't get religious object lessons with food, apparently.)

  • Jacqueline Garcia
    Jacqueline Garcia

    Creepy! I guess if you have a good sense of humor it's

  • April Curtner
    April Curtner

    I thought the SAME thing when I first saw this! I can hear the Mom who made this bargaining with her child now... "If you just eat baby Jesus's head and upper torso, then you may be excused from the table." Haha!

  • Tina Felix
    Tina Felix

    If the kids understand the meaning and eat their snacks then all is good

  • Stephanie Rodden
    Stephanie Rodden


  • Patricia Park
    Patricia Park

    And so healthy too! Lots of carby crap with what might possibly be a dab of some sugary fruit to top it off. Yum.

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Chocolatey goodness from your Crockpot! Mmm.

December Daily 2013 | Leg Lamp (from A Christmas Story)

  • Wendy Mclaren
    Wendy Mclaren

    Amy Larsen You need to see this!

  • Arielle Watson
    Arielle Watson

    Renee Watson This is for you! :D

Nails decorated christmas

Unhas decoradas para Natal passo a passo - Perfeita

The 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails

The 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails
  • Jlyn's Cakery
    Jlyn's Cakery

    I so want to do that for Christmas

Rainbow Christmas Wreath Bundt Cake Recipe

Rainbow Christmas Wreath Cake
  • Ann Avants
    Ann Avants

    This is easy, and it works! I've done this technique with chocolate and vanilla cake mix, as well as chocolate and strawberry. It has swirled beautifully and looked perfect every time. The dyed frosting really rounds out the design, so don't skip that part. Just zap the frosting in the microwave for 3-5 seconds to soften so you get the drizzle effect. You can do this one! :o)

The Miley Cyrus Christmas Ornaments

DIY Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Ornament | Incredible Things
  • Andrea Iversen
    Andrea Iversen

    I saw this too Treva Keene hahaha!

  • Francis Michelle
    Francis Michelle

    Lol I already have that saved I was gonna do it

  • Karen Zaccagnini
    Karen Zaccagnini

    I'm doing this with our elf on a shelf, lol! I bought one for just the hubs and me!

Book Page Christmas Trees {Tutorial} - Love of Family & Home

  • Erin Guest
    Erin Guest

    FFS, they're old books. No one says you have to use a hundred year-old copy of Tolstoy.

  • Jen Kistner
    Jen Kistner

    they used pinking shears to get "that many edges"

  • Kate {Beatriz Aluares}
    Kate {Beatriz Aluares}

    People who freak out about book crafts - I will totally send you the 8 full sets of outdated almanacs, old encyclopedias with mold and water damage, and dime-store paperbacks with rotten glue that we regularly throw out.

  • SUITE14A

    PHONE BOOKS! Lots of pages and very free.

  • Sandy Crenson
    Sandy Crenson

    Ah, the sanctimonious book brigade. Libraries, as well as book stores, throw out hundreds of books a year. Ever been to a thrift shop with a book section? The same books sit there for years. If nobody wants it for 10 cents, nobody wants it.

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Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Happy Reindeer Daiquiri

Cranberry Salsa recipe

Cranberry Salsa

sparkling sugar cranberries

a cup of mascarpone: sparkling sugar cranberries
  • Rebecca Amos
    Rebecca Amos

    I made these for family Christmas last year. They are soo good! None left over when all was said and done.

Silly Reindeer Christmas Hairdo Tutorial.

Rudolph Christmas Lunch for Kids - simple as that
  • Ashley Rimer
    Ashley Rimer

    I love it! I'm so going to have to do this for my munchkins!!!

  • jewelzi CT
    jewelzi CT

    Silly :-)

scrapbook paper chain ideas

Andes Mint Candy

Homemade Andes Mint Candy

Frosty the Snowman Christmas Tree

Muffin Tin Mom: Craft Coardboard Stars from a Toilet Paper Roll

Muffin Tin Mom: Craft Coardboard Stars from a Toilet Paper Roll
  • Jaqi Trau
    Jaqi Trau

    Cute idea but the germaphobe in me says no.

  • Esther Edmonds
    Esther Edmonds

    I've done this with my Mom. Paper towel rolls, hot glue, spray paint, spray glue and glitter. That's it. Overlapping them is really cute too.

  • Carol Sova
    Carol Sova

    I had a friend make the larger versions of these for her wedding ... with some spray paint you can't tell what they were before

Inking Idaho: Snowman Tea Lights