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Our philosophy is simple: Make Your Whole Body Happy, start with your feet. At Therafit Shoe we stay focused on giving you a really comfortable shoe.

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You’re walking along, focusing on work or your children or your grocery list. But then a sharp pain shoots up from the arch of your foot. It’s so sudden you stumble. What is this pain? What causes it? Arch pain has many forms + causes, and it all depends on where the pain is located in your foot.

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In the New Year, Be a New YOU! | The New Year is here. For many people this means New Year’s resolutions. Only 8% of those people will actually accomplish their resolution. But we don’t want you to be a part of the 92%. In fact, this post isn’t about setting + attaining a New Year’s resolution at all. This post is about helping you become a new you.

Get Through the Everyday Task in Comfort | Therafit's Austin Denim Slip On is the new trend in comfort clogs. Delicate balance of breathable denim fabric with leather trimmed uppers + tough, rubber soled bottoms. Featuring superior arch support, deep heel cups + removable socklining insoles that lift + support your foot.

Over-Pronation (flat feet) | Arch pain is common in people with a regular structural problem known as flat feet. Flat feet can lead to extreme stress or inflammation of the plantar fascia, possibly leading to severe discomfort and causing other foot ailments. Without properly supported arches, small movements can pull your body out of alignment and cause stress, strain and fatigue to your lower body. | Solution= Shop #TheraFitShoe for The Shoe w/ The Best Support! | #New

Therafit Shoe for Foot Pain | The ball of the foot is the section of the foot between your arch and toes. As you walk, your weight is shifted from your heel to the ball of your foot. If your body weight is not well aligned over the ball of your foot, pain and swelling of the area can occur. | Solution is here

Stay Active | We definitely live in a world that sits on our electronic devices a lot, but most women that age gracefully all agree that staying active and not just sitting around all day is a major factor. When we’re active our blood gets pumping + our bodies working to function properly. | Deborah is our lightweight athletic trainer for your active lifestyle! Made with breathable mesh + soft, synthetic materials. Reviewed as one of the best walking shoes for women + is suitable for working…

In your forceful 50s, change is no longer about "someday." | Its a New Year to Start Fresh, Make It a New Year New You! |Click To Kick Off Your Process! #NewYearNewYou #TheraFit #Strong