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Anna Milton, Celebs

No no no no no no no no…and yet, if this happens (and is done well) I think I might actually like it. When I'm not an emotional mess anyway.

OMG, that would be such a freakin' plot twist! What if it was Sam's or Cas's death that makes him the villain ?

Maybe that's why Demon!Dean roared like he did. He wasn't just angry that he was stuck; he was remembering.

Yeah, tbh honest if Cas had done it the other way he would have dropped Dean. << I thought Cas grabbed Dean by the shoulder, but kind of questioned the logistics of it.

Because you are AMAZING!!

Misha confession… (It's because we all love you Misha) If they took him off the show the entire world would implode on its self.this is fact. (Yes, we love you Misha, the show can't go on without you)


Almost canon scenes no like legit these almost happened but then got written out and taken away

Crowley knows, Crowley always knows<<< Sam too <<♡ everybody knows it...even if they don't admit it...*cough* *cough* Dean♡

"WTF is wrong with your boyfriend, Winchester?" Everyone refers to Dean as Cas's boyfriend. Survival of the Fittest

I... I never realized...

This is what I live off of! *happy cries in corner of closet*