The Classic Polo Conceptualized

Pantone 2016 is declared: color of the year is… Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone declared: color of the year 2016 is. Rose Quarz and Serenity Find…

Burrowed away in the beautiful and charming city of Tavira, in the south of Portugal, stands House ALM with its shy and understated façade.

Minimalism in photography refers to simplicity. If you feel that less is more, I’m sure that you will find these 44 beautiful examples of minimalist photography(.

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Vittorio Ciccarelli’s ‘Invisible’ Series

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The Epic Vistas of the World’s Largest Algae Farm

Hutt Lagoon - Western Australian salt lake that contains the world’s largest system of algae farms; they get their bright hues from algae that secrete many colored substances, especially beta-carotene, which is commonly used as red food colorin

A series of Wes Anderson-esque sports courts, captured by photographer Ward Roberts, is this week's Happy Monday

Skymetric - A Beautifully Minimal Photography Project By Lino Russo

Italian graphic designer Lino Russo created the series “Skymetric”, minimalist, colorful and very graphic. The word combination “Sky-metric