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5SOS Fanpage

тнιѕ ιѕ тнє σffι¢ιαℓ 5ЅσЅ Fαиραgє! Ι ∂σ fσℓℓσω вα¢кѕ. ¢σммєит ιf уσυ ωαит тσ вє α∂∂є∂ тσ α вσαя∂!
5SOS Fanpage
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Calum u are soo sophisticated ;D #hesagentleman #obviously

This video literally made me smile the biggest I've ever smiled before and made my whole suckish day way better so thank you boys for being hilarious and adorable and I love you so much>>> goggles definitely add sophistication

So someone started the trend #KeepCuttingAshton and it went worldwide on Twitter. I am so done with all of this. Ashton is the sweetest person and this is he gets payed? People that aren't even part of the 5sosfam said that was uncalled for. Self harm is not something to joke around with. It must have been really hard to stop for him and one person telling him to continue cutting himself is all it takes.#KeepSmilingAshtonWeLoveYou

It Seriously hurts me that people hate him. This boy is a freaking angel, and i can't imagine being jere tofsy with out this band, and especially Ashton. I really hate this. i love him so much and people just hate on him :(

I LOVE BEING A MEMBER OF THE FAMILY. this is an amazing thing for me and it helps me get through a lot. Looks like you already added this" :O it's fam thanks for being there for me and the rest of fam and of course big thanks to the guys