2nd grade Art Lesson ideas

2nd Grade Lesson Plan Ideas
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a drawing of a woman holding a knife in one hand and an angry expression on the other
Aaaaaaachooooo! from Elm Elementary School
So cute! "Aaaaaaachooooo!" from @Jessica Houston 's classroom.
the collage has been made with different colored papers and markers, including an image of a woman's face
2nd grade cubism-oil pastels--like the ways the facial features are done individually and THEN arranged on the page. Smart!
many different pictures of birds on fabric with words that say, i'm not sure what they are
i just love these.
a painting of some trees in the snow
By the Light of the Moon - Grade 3 from Messiah Lutheran Classical Academy
By the light of the moon
an abstract painting of trees with red leaves reflecting in the water on a cloudy day
Artwork published by Madeline592
In this project, students learned a new way to draw trees--the Y method. Then they painted leaves, sky, and land and used a monoprinting technique to make a reflection.
a rainbow colored leaf with words written on it
2nd Grade Pastel Leaf from Mt. Vernon Elementary School
2nd Grade Pastel Leaf
a painting of houses with different colors on them
Cool city perspective art project.
four children's drawings of cartoon characters on purple and red paper with blue background
Art project based on the book "Aliens Love Underpants" using black oil pastel and colored chalk pastels.
four different colored paintings of cartoon characters
some of my favorite Ugly Bunnies
Ugly bunnies
an artistic drawing of a flower on a piece of brown paper with black and white lines
Indian Corn Drawing -6 from Whitney Elementary School
Indian Corn Drawing
a drawing of two vases with flowers in them on a colorful background, one is blue and the other is pink
Picasso Guitar -5 from Whitney Elementary School
Picasso Guitar
several guitars are hanging on the wall next to each other in a room with green and white walls
Dali's Moustache
Picasso's blue period guitars... fun to do near a music classroom!
a drawing of a crab and fish on the beach
A House for Hermit
House for a Hermit, 2nd Grade
an art project made with paper and colored pencils on a piece of cardboard that is sitting next to a bowl of fruit
Photo taken of a multimedia Matisse Still Life on display created by @Susan Tiemstra 's students