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Cute raccoon (PDF Pattern) super cute! #sewingpattern Love this one <3

Raccoon PDF pattern-Woodland animals toy-DIY-Nursery decor-Baby's mobile toy-Felt Raccoon toy-Kids present-Felt ornament raccoon

Eraser-Stamped St. Patrick's Day Shirt - Made with Freezer Paper and a pencil eraser!

This easy Eraser-Stamped St. Patrick's Day Shirt from Cutesy Crafts uses freezer paper, green paint, and a pencil eraser to make a great shirt just in time for the parade.

Red panda...looks more like an adorable version of a raccoon than a bear!

Located in China and Nepal, the red panda. or Shining Cat, inhabits tree tops. The red panda was originally placed in the raccoon and bear.

Sooo cute. I just love animals!!

Who says cats and dogs can`t get along? Raise cats and dogs in your home and you'll see what true love really means, it's like they complete each other and your house is filled with a loving energy.

Every pet owner knows this rule very well.

There's an unspoken rule that when your pet is sleeping on you, you don't move. Or when your pet is laying down and you want to go get something or move a little. I can't move a muscle or my dog Casper will get up -_-"

little bat babies

The bumblebee bat is the world's smallest mammal. These are bumblebee bat life cycle videos. These are pictures of the bumblebee ba.