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dalmatian dalmatian dalmatian

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The Calisthnics Exercises You Need to Know - 10 Bodyweight Moves to Incorporate Into Your Workout Routine


TIPS TO STRONG WRISTS: Please excuse the non consistent blue shade of he photos. The white balance on my phone decided to mess with me. So strong wrists is part body structure, part "before I came to yoga" lifestyle but definitely still workable.

30 Days Splits

“I'm going to teach you how to successfully get into the splits with your 30 day challenge! YOU IN! Tag a couple friends to join you!

So true dance

It's just me now.when that person gave up on you. You have the music and I have DANCE! 💜💜 Dance Quote - Words of Wisdom

Keine Zeit für Sport - mit diesem Argument bestärken wir gern den inneren Schweinehund und drücken uns vor regelmäßiger Bewegung...

Die besten Motivationssprüche translation: The best motivational quotes - When you want to give up, think about it, why did you begin this in the first place?