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a man sitting behind a drum set in front of a microphone and drumsticks
Joseph Patrick Moore – The RockTronix Interview
a drum kit sitting on top of a wooden table
80's Recording Customs!
80's Yamaha Recording Custom kit used in the recording of The Rocktronix album, 'Magificent Obsession'. Punchy birch, baby!
an overhead view of a set of drums and cymbals
Hybrid Kit
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Meinl 'Louis Conte' Congas Hybrid Kit. I use this set up on a lot of electronica-type gigs. Kick, 2 snares, congas, pedal tambourine, and other various Meinl percussion instruments (shakers, jingles, jangles and whatnot)
two red hearts sitting on top of a metal grill with tongs next to it
Good Vibes
Vintage Deagan Vibraphone. Uber vibey (no pun intended) and fun whenever I get a chance to play them. #innovativepercussion
a group of drums sitting on top of a rug
Javaplay88 : Tempat Yang Selalu Kasih Sensasional
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Toms. 10, 12, 14 standard & 10, 12, 14, 16 fusion. The same vintage satin rub finish allows for mixing and matching for different scenarios.
a group of drums sitting on top of a rug
Snare Drum Collection. Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14x5 (Vintage Satin Rub); Pearl Brass free floater 14x5; 1/2 WFL Maple 14x6 (Wacky Home Depot Blue finish! with die cast hoops); 2 Ludwig Acrolite 14x5; Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Peter Erskine snare 10x3; Reuthers vintage 14x5; Premier Steel 14x6 1/2; Pearl Chrome over Brass 14x5
a group of drums sitting on top of a wooden floor
1 Up; 2 Down
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Kit. This is my beefier maple set up. Remo smooth white emporers on toms shown here. Also use Remo clear vintage emporers on toms. Remo Coated CS on snare.
a drum set up on the floor in front of a stage with other musical instruments
Another Organic/Vibey Hybrid kit.