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    Webelos Crossover Certificates - John M (Webelos LeaderPack 21ASPL W4-58-16Crazy Owl W4-40-14) sent in these certificates to use at your Webelos ceremonies. Thanks John! The first is the blank John made and the second is an example of how it can be used. Since you have the blank you can create a certificate for Arrow of Light or just a generic crossover certificate. In fact it would be appropriate for many different Cub Scout or Boy Scout achievements.

    Webelos Crossover Certificates | Scouter Mom

    Yellow Shirt or Tan Shirt for Female Den Leaders? - Lorraine sent in this question: What type of shirt do female den leaders wear? (yellow or tan)I want to get a shirt to wear so my Webelo Scouts understand and take pride in the uniform. (lead by example) I never had a shirt before we are Webelo 1. Thanks for the questionLorraine. Female Cub Scout leaders may wear either the yellow shirt or the tan shirt. However almost all of the den leaders I know wear the tan shirt. Female Boy Scout leaders only wear the tan shirts. The yellow shirt is for Cub Scout leaderss. So if you purchase a tan shirt you can also continue to wear it when your son moves to a Boy Scout unit and you become a Boy Scout leader. For that reason Id recommend you get the tan shirt. And I commend you for wanting to be a good example in uniforming for your den. We cant really expect the youth to wear the uniform if adults arent wearing it.

    Yellow Shirt or Tan Shirt for Female Den Leaders? | Scouter Mom

    Making Up Missed Cub Scout Requirements - Julia asked this question: I have a question about some of the new program requirements. Im the leader of a Bear den and have the following issue. We had our Cub Scout Carnival at the beginning of the year and all of our 6 scouts planned and executed it it was a lot of fun and a lot of work. Then a few months into the school year we had 3 brand new scouts join our den. What would you do in this situation? With the old requirements there was always something scouts could do instead if they missed something hard to repeat. Should I just check them off too and consider requirements something we complete as a den rather than individually? Im understandably loathe to do a whole second carnival to help them fill this requirement. We have scouts who missed our police station visit too so Im running into the same problem there. This seems like either an oversight when laying out the new requirements or an indication that we should indeed take requirements as something to be completed by den rather than individual. I have a feeling that Ill get the answer that no its supposed to be individual but what do you then do in these situations as a leader? Thanks for the question Julia. I have never been a fan of giving Cub Scouts credit for activities they didnt participate in. I feel they should do something for the recognition. For example if they missed the carnival event they could run a carnival game as a gathering activity at a different pack meeting. See my post with carnival ideas for some simple games which a Cub Scout could do with the help of his parent. I dont think the den leader should be responsible for putting together a second event either. Cub Scouting is a family program and parents are expected to help out. If they missed the police station visit then maybe the parents can take them instead. If making up the requirement just isnt possible come up with an alternative which is in the spirit of the requirement. The Cub Scout could do a poster presentation about all of the things police do for the community. Or perhaps your local police department is sponsoring a community event which the Cub Scout could promote to the pack. Readers what do you think. Add your comments below.

    Making Up Missed Cub Scout Requirements | Scouter Mom

    Completing Elective Adventures - Liz sent in this question: My son is a Weeblo first year. He will have completed all his requirements by December. I understand that I cant do his next advancements until after May graduation BUT can I keep doing electives and getting credit for them? Thanks for the question Liz. Your son may continue to work on electives and receive recognition for them. However there is no rush. If he wants to earn some on his own I recommend you let him look at the choices and pick something he thinks he would enjoy. You might want to consider that his den might also be working on some of these electives as a group both this year and next. So he may end up repeating some with his den. This is not a problem if he is willing to do this. Remembera big part of Cub Scouting is working together with his den. Meeting with the other Webelosand doing fun activities as a groupshould not take a backseat to earning things on his own. Also remember that Webelos is a transitional program which helps get your son ready for Boy Scouts. In the Boy Scout program the Scouts are responsible for their own advancement. Start lettinghim take ownership of the advancement process. It will benefit him in the long run.

    Completing Elective Adventures | Scouter Mom

    Carnival Ideas for Grin and Bear It - Jason sent this question: Curious as to what others had done for the putting on a carnival (Bear Requirement for Grin & Bear It). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Good question! Here are a few simple ideas: Ring toss Use glass soda bottles and shower curtain rings. Try to get the rings on the bottles. Ball toss Use ping pong balls and glass jars. Try to throw the ball in the jar. Target shooting Foam finger rockets and 1 liter plastic bottles with some sort of target glued on. Try to knock down the target with the finger rocket. Bean bag toss You can make your own bean bags and throw them through a board with some holes cut out. Bowling Use a playground ball and 2 liter plastic bottles. Add some sand to the bottles to weigh them down a bit. Tower knock down Make a pyramid of plastic cups and try to knock all of them down with a ball. Duck pond Put a bunch of identical ducks in a pool and mark a couple of them on the bottom. If they pull out the marked duck they get a prize. Lollipop pull Get a bunch of suckers and mark the ends of a few of them with a marker. Put them all in a block of styrofoam. If they pull out one of the marked ones they will. And they get to keep the sucker no matter what. Pie toss Toss whipped cream pies at the Cubmaster. You can serve popcorn soda hot dogs and cotton candy. Give them carnival tickets when they win a gameand have a prize booth with some inexpensive items they can purchase with their tickets. Readers what are your ideas for a carnival? Add them too the comments below.

    Carnival Ideas for Grin and Bear It | Scouter Mom

    The Germ Song for Germs Alive! - Sandie sent in this question: Where do I find the Germ Song the Mucus demonstration and the Sneeze demonstration? Thanks for the question. These are all requirements for the Wolf Germs Alive! adventure. The song and instructions for the demonstrations can be found in the Wolf Handbook. The sneeze demonstration involves putting confetti in a balloon blowing it up and then popping it. The confetti ends up all spread out like germs in a sneeze.For the mucus demonstration you make fake mucus from borax warm water and glue. Then you use something like glitter or cocoa powder to see how the mucus traps small particles. The handbook has complete instructions and photos. The song is below. The Wolf should sing the song while washing his hands. When he gets to the end of the song he knows he has washed his hands long enough to get them clean. If you are a den leader or your son is a Cub Scout you really need to have a copy of the handbook. There is much more information about each requirement in the book. Den leaders should also have a copy of the Den Leader Guide for their level. You should be able to get these from your local scout shop.(...) Continue reading the article at

    The Germ Song for Germs Alive! | Scouter Mom

    Issues While Rechartering - A reader sent in this question: Does the BSA ever deny a charter during recharter and for what reasons would they deny a recharter? I am not personally aware of a charter being denied provided the membership fees are paid and the paperwork is in order. I suppose it is possible that the charter would be denied if you are not following BSA policy but in my experience the local council will work with units to do whatever is necessary to get them chartered. I am not sure what the cause for concern is in this case though. If you think there might be issues at recharter time you should contact your unit commissioner and your district executive. If you are ever concerned that there might be a problem it is better to ask ahead of time so you can get any issues resolved before the due date.

    Issues While Rechartering | Scouter Mom

    Who Should Wear a Boy Scout Uniform? - Katie sent in this question: Hello I am the Religious Emblems Coordinator for our troop and have been for the past 3 years. I am also a committee member at large. Ive never bought myself a boy scout uniform. In your opinion should I be wearing one? Im beginning to think I should but no one has ever asked me to or invited me to so I dont want to raise myself too high by getting one. Thanks for your thoughts and input. Thanks for the question Katie. Yes you should wear a uniform. As a committee member you are a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America and therefore you can wear the Boy Scout uniform as an adult leader. Wearing a uniform will identify you as an adult leader in the unit. It will also set a good example for the youth. Robert Baden-Powell said Show me a poorly uniformed troop and Ill show you a poorly uniformed leader. If the youth see the adults in uniforms they are more willing to wear the uniforms. If the adults are not in uniform then the youth are often less willing to wear them. So go ahead and get that uniform.

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    Whats In Your Budget? - Jessica sent in this question: I am new to all this and our place hasnt had cubs in a very long time we were very small but this year after round ups we got a pretty good turn out and would like to keep them all last year we had lots and everyone but the 7 of us who are left now left us because things were very unorganized me and other moms got thrown into leading not having a clue what to doI wish I would have found this site sooner but glad I found you now. Now I am taking over as the CC and we are also getting an all new pack committee and cub master treasurer secretaryyou name it we are probably replacing it! anywaymy questions are What should we include in our budget and how do we adjust our due s to reflect our budget? Thanks for the question Jessica. First of all I recommend you visit the BSA Unit Program Planning Tools page. There are some resources there I think you will find helpful. Planning Your Packs Annual Program Budget and thePack Operating Budget Worksheet areprobably the first things you should check out. These will both show you what packs normally include when they consider their income and expenses.(...) Continue reading the article at

    What's In Your Budget? | Scouter Mom

    Scheduling Cub Scout Adventures - Carolyn sent in this question: Have you come up with a suggested way on how to follow the new Wolf program? It seems there is a lot of outdoor things that will need to be done before December and after March (in KY). I was looking at Running w/Pack then Paws o/Path. I think it would be easier to cover as much of one adventure as possible and not mix them up. Any suggestions? Thank you. You can do the achievements and electives in any order. What works best probably depends on your situation and what resources and programs are available in your area. The program year ends in May so if you dont do the outdoorrequirements in the fall you stillhave a couple of months in the spring to plansome camping and hiking. (...) Continue reading the article at

    Scheduling Cub Scout Adventures | Scouter Mom

    What Should a New Den Leader Know? - Elena sent in this question: What is the most important thing for a new den leader to know? My son has joined cub scouts and is a tiger. The other parents and even my son all asked me to be the Den Leader. The only thing is I know nothing about cub scouts except for what I have been reading. I have said I will do the Den leader but I honestly am scared I will let the boys and parents down. Thank You for your time. Thanks for volunteering Elena! Being a den leader is a fun way to spend time with your son and to get to know some of his friends and their families better. Below is my top ten list of the things a den leader should know and do. The order doesnt really indicate a particular importance. Which is most important depends on your situation and what your current needs are.(...) Continue reading the article at

    What Should a New Den Leader Know? | Scouter Mom

    Scouting Resources and Scout Support Groups - Jen sent in this question: Im in a relationship with a man who is a Scout Leader and involved with Scouts at multiple levels. Im looking for resources or support groups etc for moms or spouses of Scouts. My kids were never involved with Scouts so I know very little and I want to learn more so that I know how to be more supportive and understanding of his schedule and activities with his boys. Any direction or advice would be greatly appreciated. First of all I applaud your effort to understand what is involved in Scouting. The world of Scouting can be confusing to newcomers and you are taking an important step. I am not aware of any formal Scouting support groups but they probably exist somewhere. There are many great websites which serve as Scout resources. The BSA website is a good source of information of all sorts. But I think thatone of the best ways to learn about the program is to volunteer with your unit. It doesnt have to be a big role. Just find out which smaller jobs they need help with and if one of them seems to fit with your skill set then offer to help. For example find out what service projects and fundraisers they have coming up. If you and your significant other can volunteer together that is even better. The reason I recommend volunteering is that you will get to know some of the other parents involved. And they will be your best resource. Every unit is different and has its own traditions. By networking with some of the other parents you can find outhow the unit is organized and what the expectations are for the leaders and parents. You can also learn which events are really important to the Scouts and which are more optional. You cant get information like that from a website or magazine. The members of the troop or pack committee can provide answers to many of your questions. So if you get to know them you should gain a better understanding. Also there will often be a group of parents at meetings and events who are also trying to learn more about the program. Get to know them also. There is a great camaraderie in learning the ropes together. Readers what are your suggestions? Add them to the comments below.

    Scouting Resources and Scout Support Groups | Scouter Mom

    Bear Den Meeting Plan Bear Claws: Pocketknife Safety and Soap Carving - This Bearden meeting plancovers most of the three requirements for the Bear Clawsadventure. Bear Claws is all about pocketknives and whittling.After this plan the Cub Scouts will need to carve an additional item. You could add a second meeting to cover this or have them carve something at home and bring it in or add this activity into another meeting which has some extra time. At this meeting Bears will learn about basic pocketknife safety and will carve an item from soap. For their second item encourage them to try wood. You can find some suitable wood blocks at your local craft shop. Send these home with them and they can bring the second item they carved to your next meeting. For the safety part of this meeting you can use a fake pocketknife. Making the fake knives is a good gathering activity. (...) Continue reading the article at

    Bear Den Meeting Plan - Bear Claws: Pocketknife Safety and Soap Carving - Scouter Mom

    Moose with the Juice Song - The song about the moose drinking his juice is a favorite for all ages. It works at a Boy Scout campfire or at a Cub Scout back to school program. This is one of those songs that has many variations. Feel free to add additional verses and motions to the comments at the bottom of the article.(...) Continue reading the article at

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    Marble Madness is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. In the current Bear Cub Scout program, it is most similar to the Marbles Belt Loop and Pin. For the Marble Madness adventure, Bears learn all about marbles and play a variety of games with them, from ringer to marble mazes.

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    Super Science is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. In the current Bear Cub Scout program, it is most similar to the Science Belt Loop and Pin. For the Super Science adventure, Bears do some simple science investigations involving static electricity, buoyancy, and colors.

    Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Super Science | Scouter Mom

    Salmon Run is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. In the current Bear Cub Scout program, it is most similar to Bear Elective 5 – Boats, Bear Elective 19 – Swimming, and the Swimming Belt Loop and Pin. For the Salmon Run adventure, Bears learn swimming and boating safety rules and then go have fun in the water.

    Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Salmon Run | Scouter Mom

    Robotics is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. For the Robotics adventure, Bears investigate the many uses of robots and build their own robots.

    Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Robotics | Scouter Mom

    Roaring Laughter is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. For the Roaring Laughter adventure, Bears learn about humor and the art of making others laugh.

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    Make It Move is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. For the Make It Move adventure, Bears learn about simple machines like pulleys and levers. Then they make a Rube-Goldberg machine.

    Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Make It Move | Scouter Mom

    Forensics is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. In the current Bear Cub Scout program, it is most similar to Bear Achievement 7 – Law Enforcement Is a Big Job. For the Forensics adventure, Bears learn about law enforcement methods which are used to solve crimes.

    Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Forensics | Scouter Mom

    Critter Care is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. In the current Bear Cub Scout program, it is most similar to the Pet Care Belt Loop and Pin. For the Critter Care adventure, Bears learn how to care for pets.

    Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Critter Care | Scouter Mom

    Beat of the Drum is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. In the current Bear Cub Scout program, it is most similar to Bear Elective 24 – American Indian Life. For the Beat of the Drum adventure, Bears learn about native American culture.

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    Bear Picnic Basket is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. In the current Bear Cub Scout program, it is most similar to Bear Achievement 9 – What's Cooking. For the Bear Picnic Basket adventure, Bears learn to plan, shop for, and prepare healthy meals, both indoors and outdoors.

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    Baloo the Builder is one of the Bear elective adventures for the 2015-2016 Cub Scout program year. In the current Bear Cub Scout program, it is most similar to Bear Achievement 20 – Sawdust and Nails. For the Baloo the Builder adventure, Bears learn about tools and make a wood project.

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