nurin kurin: Strengthen a crochet project with transparent tubing

nurin kurin: Crocheted basket inspiration_ working around clear plastic tubing

DIY Suitcase Out of Shoe Box

Easy DIY Suitcase Tutorial Make a pretty vintage suitcase craft out of an old shoebox! A pretty & inexpensive way to wrap birthday presents or Christmas gifts. Much cheaper than the pre-made craft store or home decorating store versions!

Blackwork design by Alicia Paulson

Blackwork design by Alicia Paulson "Pattern from Alicia Paulson's Embroidery Companion. now I'm adapting the pattern once again.


Fantastic way to showcase your red buttons! Draw (or in this case sew) a heart shape and fill it with buttons of all shapes and sizes. Chipboard "I" and "U" complete the look of this handmade valentine's card.

my next kitchen rug?

DIY: Crocheted Muslin Rag Rug

DIY: crocheted muslin rag rug My Obachan (Grandmother) taught me to crochet rugs!