Academic fashion?

How should you dress to go to Uni as a 'grown up'? Casual? Trendy? Tweed- tastic? The options for your contemporary academics are endless. Do you have a picture to add? Tweet to @thesiswhisperer. Let's workshop this problem - Pinterest style.
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Taste - by Laura Rowe. Design and Illustration by Vicki Turner

Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory

FLK by Reka Imre, via Behance

Academic gown located at ANU post office. Not actually my colours, but not going to quibble. Passed on Bonnet and hood: don't want to get them in the soup.

I've been asked to wear academic dress to an event tonight. Cue panic. I do not own my own robes. Al kindly doing the ring around to see if she can locate some for me...

This is what @WeAreAustralia wore to hand in their thesis. Gorilla suit? Well played. Thanks @researchwhisper for the heads up on this one

My first elbow patch enabled sweater. Very exciting.

On our last day in Edinburgh, @thefellowette and I dressed up as Scottish academic warrior maidens. Don't try this at your next committee meeting...

Me and @thefellowette were sincerely impressed by the mustard tights and classy shoes worn by @uobgradschool (well, 1/5th of @uobgradschool)

Sitting in the airport lounge and noticed man opposite me casting curious looks. This made me realise that I am wearing a rather bizzare combination of geometric tweed skirt and ANU hoodie. My top half thinks it's an undergraduate, while my bottom half stays firmly in middle aged academic territory.

teacher outfits!

Now that's a scarf (Herringbone infinity scarf.)

Keynote dress? Check. Assertively striped scarf? Check. Ok. Conference ready attire activated.

Colour choice for this morning's keynote: hot pink and bright green + striped green and white scarf #academicdress.

Today I choose an assertively striped scarf to face extended paper writing session. How about you? #academicdress

The alternative to Birkenstocks for the academic facing hot weather: clogs. According to @kyliebudge anyway - and she is always well put together so I am buying it. Well played Ms Budge!

Has academic fashion gone mainstream? While breakfasting and reading 'Local scene', the style and fashion pages of my local newspaper, I noticed this picture of Peter Bayliss. He describes himself as a university media lecturer on his way home from work and his personal style as 'easy to manage'. Bayliss lists Johnny Depp as his style icon - well played Mr Bayliss!

First day of the year it's warm enough for for me to sport the academic sandal of choice: The Birkenstock. Or as @anitranot calls them "birth control sandals"...

for @jasondowns as requested, his new #academicglasses Worried for his students? Yeah. Me too.

Loving @catspajamasnz's keynote dress. Well played madam.

Rather distorted view of @meganjmcpherson's conference outfit today: "coordinated the scarf with poster Arty top, jeans and sneakers fine art uniform"

Men are rocking it in the #academicdress stakes this week. Here's @daveymelb looking sauve. And remarkably like Foucault.

Lovely lilac sweater from @marksmithers. Well played Mr Smithers

Tweed, corduroy and a fringed cravat. I am a walking academic cliche. @bjkraal challenged me to provide evidence and here it is.