Balzac's Morning

Balzac's Coffee - Toronto, Canada Blues Point Hotel Interior Design In Sydney The Atlantic Restaurant Chandelier

la distributrice coffee, montreal, canada (branding, logo, identity, packaging by gabriel lefebvre and rachel lecompte)

La Distributrice

Smallest cafe place in North America, visual identity by Gabriel Lefebvre and Rachel Lecompte. The Distributrice reinvents the takeout coffee service by taking over the smallest commercial space in.

Wine on Wheels: Union Wine Co. in Portland, OR

Wine on Wheels: Union Wine Co. in Portland, OR

Its not a coffee car, but there is a place for een little one! Wine on Wheels: Union Wine Co. in Portland, OR: Remodelista

The Woodsman Market, Portland

Counter Roll Holders: Handy for Sandwiches and nice cheeses. The Woodsman Tavern (Portland, OR) LOVE this for the wrapping area in my garage.

del popolo pizza truck

Pizza Del Popolo Blows Up the Food Truck

Cipro Pizza, Sydney

Replicate this look with our black and white patterns. Geometric black white tile + beautiful wood furniture + concrete floor creates a perfect palette - Cipro Pizza Sydney

Portland | Woodsman Market

Best local food shops in the West