Gender: Bathroom Politics

Gender-segregated bathrooms are a problem for trans people. When using public bathrooms trans people risk being questioned, ridiculed, outed, and even…
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a tweet that reads, your semi - regular reminder that if your concern with transs women is that men might claim to self - id as transs to gain access
Your semi-regular reminder that if your concern with trans women is that men might claim to self-ID as trans to gain access to women's spaces and assault them, then your problem is actually with predatory men and not trans women. ~ @harriet1marsden
two tweets with the same caption for each other, and one has an image of a boy
A 15-year-old transgender boy in West Virginia says that his assistant principal confronted him while he was in a bathroom stall, challenging him to "come out here and use the urinal" to prove that he was really a boy. Yet again: who is harassing whom in bathrooms? ~ @TheStuffOfMemes
a blue and white sign that says whatever just wash your hands on the side of a wall
"Whatever - Just wash your hands"
a bar chart showing the number of people who have been served at restaurants and hotels
Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey
Restrooms at Work - Denied Access to Gender-Appropriate Restrooms by Race Eighty-six (86%) of those who have not lost a job due to bias reported that they were able to access restrooms at work appropriate for their gender identity, meaning that 14% of those who kept their jobs were denied access. Looking at the full sample, regardless of whether they were able to keep or they had lost a job, 78% were given access to restrooms appropriate for their gender identity and 22% were denied access.
a bathroom sign on the wall that says, which is for women in white and brown
Source: @wingoakley
a sign that says whatever, just wash your hands with someone in a wheel chair
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a bathroom with a sign that says we don't care
"We don't care." - In this photo signage is seen outside a restroom at 21c Museum Hotel in Durham, N.C., May 12, 2016. Photo credit: Gerry Broome / AP
a sign that is on the wall in front of a mirror with words written below it
Do you feel like someone is using the "wrong" bathroom? Please don't: -Stare at them -Challenge them -Insult them -Do not purposefully make them uncomfortable. Instead, please: -Respect their privacy -Respect their identity -Carry on with your day -Protect them from harm They are using the facilities they feel safe in. Please do not take this right away from them. Trans* & gender questioning students... You have every right to be here: -In this facility -In this university -In this world
Perceptions of Discrimination and Opposition to "Bathroom Bills" by Political Identification, 2016  Source: Public Policy Research Institute, August 2016 Survey Public, Department Of Sociology, Social Science Project, Social Science, Inequality, Research Institute, Democrats And Republicans, Difference Of Opinion
Perceptions of Discrimination and Opposition to "Bathroom Bills" by Political Identification, 2016 Source: Public Policy Research Institute, August 2016 Survey
two green and white toilets with the words team rocketing on them, next to each other
"My university has these toilets and they're honestly ridiculous: 'What's your gender?' 'Top hats.' (Walks up to these toilets in a bowler hat and red lipstick. Panics)."
two tweets that are on the same page, one has an image of a man
@JamesMartinSJ: "It saddens me that a #trans student cannot choose what bathrooms to use. A basic need. It's an afront to their dignity as human beings." @FrMatt2013: "Um...this is a joke, right? Someone please tell me this is a parady account and not actually coming from a Catholic priest." @JamesMartinSJ: "No, I'm an actual Catholic priest in good standing who stands with the marginalized. Some charity is in order here, Father."
a comic strip with people talking to each other
"We need to keep transsexuals out of public bathrooms! Think of the children!" Artist: Deutsch and Hawkins
the tweet on twitter is being used to describe what it's like
Do you think small children in bathrooms feel more threatened by a trans person or a machine gun? ~ @jaredtbh