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The Brown Berets (Los Boinas Marrones) are a pro-Chicano organization that emerged during the late 1960s. Since its founding, the group has promoted Chicano Power, which is a call intended to challenge the status quo by promoting freedom, prosperity, and peace for Chicano people. The Brown Berets have been active across a range of specific issues important to Chicano communities, including efforts to promote educational equality, immigrant rights and marches against police brutality.
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a group of women in uniform walking down the street
The Brown Berets
The Brown Berets, August 28, 2010. Photo credit: @photogRAFA — in East Los Angeles, California.
a man standing in front of a microphone while wearing a suit and tie with other men behind him
Brown Berets at a "Free Huey" rally
Brown Berets at a "Free Huey" rally in Defremery Park, 1968 Photo credit: Bob Fitch
several uniformed people holding signs in front of a crowd at a protest rally, with one man raising his fist
Brown Berets at a Nazi rally — in Pomona, California. Photo credit: David Holgin
a man standing in front of microphones with a flag on the ground behind him
In this picture the new Brown Berets commemorate the day in 1970 when over 20,000 Chicanos marched down Whittier Boulevard in East L.A. to protest the war in Vietnam and the high casualty rate of Chicanos, August 29, 2009. Photo credit: Does anyone know who took this image? — at Ruben Salazar Park.
two women in uniform standing next to each other with their hands on their hipss
"La Causa" (The Cause), 2011 "This is one of two paintings I created especially for ¡ADELANTE!, an exhibit of Chicano art at the Forest Lawn Museum in Glendale, California. La Causa is a portrait of militants from the Brown Beret organization, a Chicano group that gained notoriety in the late 1960s for struggling to advance the civil and human rights of Mexican-Americans. The Chicano Moratorium march againt the Vietnam War took place in East Los Angeles on August 29, 1970 - Artist: Mark Vallen
the story of brown berets is featured in an article about their father's death
The Story of the Brown Berets The personal story of David Sanchez, 19-year-old leader of the Chicano Power Brown Beret movement is about as vivid an illustration as one can find of how once complacent East Los Angles kids have been driven into open, violent rebellion against establishment indifference, bad schools and police brutality...
several people with bandanas on their heads and one person covering his mouth in protest
Brown Berets Photo credit: Does anyone know where this picture was taken, when it was taken, or who the photographer was?
an open book with drawings of women and words on the pages that say micana means poupier
"Xicana means power" Artist: La Chica Perdida, on Tumblr (
a group of people standing around each other in front of a wall with a sign on it
The Brown Berets and others protest a series of shootings of black and Latino youth by the Austin Police Department in 1974. Photo credit: Alan Pogue
a black and white photo of a woman holding a sign that says justice is here
Chicana Brown Beret at La Marcha de la Reconquista, May 5, 1971
black and white photograph of four men sitting on a bench
Using their uniforms to express “Brown Pride,” the “Brown Berets” were young Chicano/a activists who, like the Black Panthers, focused on issues such as unemployment, housing, food, & education. In order to call attention to the unequal educational system in East LA in 1968, the Brown Berets organized “blowouts,” where hundreds of Eastside Mexican American public schools students walked out of class the first wk of March in protest of the inferior educational conditions. Credit: LA Times
a drawing of a native american woman
This painting features a Brown Beret Chicana whose portrait was taken during the 1970 National Chicano Moratorium. The Moratorium against the Vietnam war mobilized an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 peaceful protestors marched in East LA that August. The Brown Berets were a barrio self defense committee and many have referred to them at the parallel Chicana/o organization to the Black Panther party. Artist: Melanie Cervantes
a painting of people holding signs with flowers and butterflies around them that say brown is beautiful
Artist: Nelida Perez (