Stories to help kids understand sounds...these are SO cute!

Phonics SECRETS®

Free Secret Stories Drawing ends this Saturday!Cute stories to help kids remember all the tricky phonics sounds

Anchors Away Monday {9.1.14} A Bucket Filling Classroom by Crafting Connections!

A Bucket Filling Classroom by Crafting Connections! If you didn't start out your year (all grade levels) discussing Bucket Filling, go back. it's not too late!I planned on having my own wall for buckets so this would be nice to go next to it

Bottle EcoSystem

Cranberry Corner: Summer Fun: Ecosystem Edition - use 3 soda bottles to create a little ecosystem complete w/ snails, fish, plants, worms, crickets and

Social Studies MUST!

Me on the Map - great idea for teaching location and map skills. I'd use a brad instead of a staple. Also, keep track of city/state/country on the larger maps

Every 4th - 8th grade language arts teacher must-have!! Great anchor chart PLUS a freebie!

Helps students learn to decode words. This can be a poster in the room and in their personal vocabulary folder.

Differences between Inference and Prediction. Excellent to use when introducing inferences. Students can tell what they know about predictions, and then learn about how inferenceing is different.

Anchor chart-Making Inferences not Predictions. Great anchor chart to illustrate the difference between inferences-prediction. Have the students refer to it, and copy it their journals.