Exquisite old hearse. black car unique have no words , so very different and unusual.

The Rouchomovsky Skeleton: a fully articulated skeleton in a silver-gilt sarcophagus, 1901.

NN Morbid Anatomy: Amazing Auction Alert "The Rouchomovsky Skeleton’: A Russian Gold Fully Articulated Skeleton In Silver-Gilt Sarcophagus," 1901

35 Amazing Vintage Halloween Décor Ideas : Vintage Halloween Décor Ideas With Black Wooden Door And Mirror Ornament

Use a piece of glass and mirror spray paint to get old mercury finish. Use an old mirror in place of a wreath. DIY Halloween crafts and decoration ideas.

Vintage Book Covers: Spooky Beautiful Antiques

Cover of Henry H. Smith’s Anatomical Atlas of the Human Body, 1859 Special to The “What It Is” class: While you are writing the book about the book you want to write, remember to think about a front.

Vintage Book Covers: Spooky Beautiful Antiques

ghoulnextdoor: 'Das Unheimliche Buch' (The Eerie Book) Morocco leather Bound by Karl Ebert.Edited by Felix Schloemp. With a foreword by Karl Hans Strobl and fifteen images of Alfred Kubin.

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