This extreme rounding of the upper back can cause pressure on the abdomen and lungs.

For every inch that the head moves forward in posture, it increases the weight of the head on the neck by 10 pounds, which greatly increases the likelihood of head and shoulder tension, pain, and injury. Try to stand and sit up straight.

Dr. Melamed and his team specialize in treating thoracic spine conditions. They will get you back to doing the things that you love.

Yoga Exercises to Reverse Kyphosis (rounding of the middle to upper back caused by hunching over a computer, degenerative diseases, osteoporosis, or bad posture). I could defiantly improve my posture!

Kyphosis is an exaggerated curvature of the thoracic spine, resulting in a hunched back.

Sedentary Lifestyle equals Hunch Back Posture Problems. Learn how to fix Hunched Back and forward shoulders.

The thoracic spine is built for stability.

Increase your spinal flexibility and range of motion. Expands your chest and shoulders. Relieves thoracic or mid back spinal tension. Strengthens your abdominal oblique muscles. Stretches your hip rotators and hip, (Thoracic Back Pain)

Dr. Hooman Melamed and his team are experts specializing in treating thoracic spine conditions.

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