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    This mother and daughter are like night and day -- at least when it comes to their tattoos. Love how they are different, yet created in the same style.

    Swirls and dots and movement and thinking of a tattoo in a different way -- that's the beauty of this enchanting and delicate wrist tattoo that continues to swirl up the arm.

    The precision it took to do this tattoo is unbelievable, and tattoo artist Ryan Steinbeck did it perfectly.

    This lovely tattoo is in honor of Jennifer's mom, who passed away. Words are beautiful reminders.

    In just black and gray, this flying bird tattoo is a bit more bold and yet still delicate on the wrist.

    The talented tattoo artist Lara Scotton designed this gorgeous mandala that hugs the side of the wrist -- beautifully placed.

    We can look to the planets for tattoo inspiration -- like the planets that rule our astrological sign. This tattoo is the symbol of Uranus, ruling planet for Aquarius.

    This beautiful mandala design with intricate dot work is crafted by the talented C. Olaf Hognell.

    Like a cuff bracelet, this tattoo is a gorgeous adornment.

    Having two wrists enables us to put two tattoos together to be one. We love this bird and open birdcage idea.

    A bold pop of color in a floral wrist tattoo makes a gorgeous permanent decoration.

    The baroque design goes all the way around the wrist -- beautiful colors and just like jewelry.

    Shooting stars make a great tattoo idea for the dreamer.

    Even the most delicate of tattoos make a beautiful statement, like this heart on a wrist -- a constant reminder of always choosing love.

    Providing an endless amount of inspiration, Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas introduced us to Sally and Jack. And these two make a perfect tattoo all bundled in a heart created by tattooist Derek Oliver.

    The perfect tattoo for a free spirit, in love with love.

    Inked in the other's handwriting, this mom and daughter really captured our hearts with their incredible tattoos.

    Simple and so very sweet -- love this heart on the ring finger created by tattooist Mel Riner.

    Tattoo artist Giulia Bongiovanni created this incredible tattoo with that deep red heart and gorgeous yellow framing.

    Never underestimate the name in a heart tattoo.

    Such a great tattoo -- and check out that heart lock and key. Love forever.