Doctor Who Crafts

Doctor Who Crafts

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Stained glass Dr Who Tardis cross stitch chart 8.2 x by Shawboyz, £5.25

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Bleach t-shirt

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This is an art style I've been trying out lately. I made it by melting a bunch of crayons. This particular one is inspired by Doctor Who!

Doctor Who Inspired Melted Crayon Canvas Art

Knit a TARDIS bag. Use the pattern to knit Four's (Tom Baker) scarf between the Tardis ends. Knit 4 pieces as per the chart. Knit a bottom and top piece by casting on 50 stitches and knitting in garter stitch a piece that matches the width of the Tardis, add filling and lean back on your own Tardis pillow. Knit the chart in thinner or thicker yarns to vary the result. Knit 2 times, join along one long side – attach a ribbon tie to centre front right and you have created a journal cover.

Knit a TARDIS bag | Doctor Who Week

The Fifth Doctor 3D Cross Stitch Doll and Sewing by robinsdesign

The Fifth Doctor 3D Cross Stitch Doll and Sewing Pattern PDF

Dalek Quilt

Community Post: Quilts For Geeks

Your Name in Gallifreyan 'Custom Converse' / Doctor Who / Tardis 'Galaxy' ^

Your Name in Gallifreyan 'Custom Converse' / Doctor Who / Tardis 'Galaxy'

Matt Smith - Doctor Who perler bead pattern

Alpha Friendship Bracelet Pattern #18614

"Anywhere in Time and Space" by daughter-of-the-doctor on Polyvore. Can I just say... FAVORITE TARDIS BACKGROUND. EVER.

Anywhere in Time and Space

Angel Wings on Canvas! - All Things Heart and Home

Angel Wings on Canvas! - All Things Heart and Home

Several Doctor who knitting instructions

The Girl Who Waited Patiently For the Season Premiere

Gallifrey - Doctor Who perler beads by capriciousarts

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Dr. Who Wrist Warmers to match the Dr. Who Scarf. This gives me so many ideas!

holynarfcrafts - Doctor Who Wrist Warmers

Cross Stitch Pattern: THE OPTIMIST [Doctor Who]

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My next project!

Doctor Who Allons-y 10th Doctor Cross Stitch Pattern

Adipose ornament

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Doctor Who Christmas tree. Loads of DIY ornaments! I need to find a space for this in our house!

Time to Get out the Christmas Tree - Milk and Cookies

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Doctor Who Cross Stitch Pattern Kaplio Cross Stitch

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Vincent and The Doctor Converse

21 Pieces Of "Doctor Who" Swag You Didn't Know You Needed

DIY Doctor Who runner - Our Nerd Home

DIY Tom Baker Doctor Who Rug - Our Nerd Home

Tardis-es coat hook

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Doctor Who shoes, converse style. David Tennant, 10 Doctor, Dalek or Weeping Angel.

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    Freda Griffin

    @dpenguin71 ... You could make these easily!

Picture of TARDIS Bird Feeder

TARDIS Bird Feeder

#DoctorWho #DIY door project... for the laundry room which now serves as the #Tardis - I WILL MAKE THIS WORK WITH THE DOOR IM ADDING. I SWEAR I WILL. LOVE IT!

Make Your Own Tardis Door