Trash turned Kids Crafts! (kids crafts made from recycled materials)

We love making crafts with our kids and especially LOVE using materials from the recycle bin! This board is a collection of the best kids crafts made from recycled, re-used, and re-proposed materials. If you would like to join us in pinning your kid's crafts or play activities, please follow and leave us a comment on a pin by The Sugar Aunts.

Trash turned Kids Crafts! (kids crafts made from recycled materials)

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Learn how to make and use a simple DIY abacus.

Despicable Me Minions Craft Idea Foam Pencil Holder

If you looked in your garbage can or recycling bin right now, you are likely find a collection of cardboard boxes, cartons, jars, and other containers considered by most to be junk. Do you have a hard time throwing that "junk" away, thinking of all the possibilities of what it could become? Good news – you don’t have to! Read on as eBay shares some unique ways to reuse old containers and give them new life, saving them from the landfill!

Orca (Killer Whale) puppet craft made from recycled seedling containers!

6 super creative uses for recycled toilet paper rolls. Get inspired with these cool crafty ideas.

toilet paper roll animal crafts. These are super cute!

Cat TP Roll Gift Boxes. A super cute upcycled project come gift wrap idea. Fill with small treats or something bigger

Recycled pizza box car garage- Super fun toy to make with or for car-loving kids!

DIY Toy Idea: Recreate the classic balance bead game at home.

How to make a traffic light out of cardboard boxes for pretend this. Also how to make cardboard car, gas tank, etc. Fun site.

Simple Toilet Paper Roll Car Craft for Kids | - This is so cute!

Recycled Box Stove Top - it took less than 15 minutes to make and my son played with it for over 30 minutes. I'm taking this on our next road trip if it gets lost, no biggie--it cost nothing to make.

Milk/Juice carton Minion Craft! Very simple make with kids.

DIY toilet paper roll airplanes! Maybe there's finally a way to get my boys interested in crafts!

STEM Engineering for Kids How to Build Pool Noodle Airplanes- Pool Noodle Fuselages,assorted wings, and nose cones were used to see what plane would fly the farthest.

Ideas for using recycled plastic containers in learning activities for kids: science, math, sensory, crafts.

What to do with Cornhusk? Make a corn husk sun. It literally takes 10 minutes to make including drying time!

Fun police radios for kids made of recycled juice boxes!

Learn how to make a DIY Camera Obscura from coffee cans!

Over 25 ideas for recycled or upcycled fun with outdoor play - see more at mummymusingsandma...

Aluminium foil flowers made from kitchen rolls and sharpie markers

'Tis the season for getting stressed out while doing kids' crafts! Here's 12 realistic ways to get over the mess and hassle (from a homeschool mom of four) Vibrant Homeschooling

Pringles Can Windsock Craft - so cute with recycled materials!

Create pretty and fun bug catchers, lightning bug houses, and firefly catchers for summer nights with family and friends. Walmart Glad #pressnsealhacks #PMedia #ad

DIY Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse