Trash turned Kids Crafts! (kids crafts made from recycled materials)

We love making crafts with our kids and especially LOVE using materials from the recycle bin! This board is a collection of the best kids crafts made from recycled, re-used, and re-proposed materials. If you would like to join us in pinning your kid's crafts or play activities, please follow and leave us a comment on a pin by The Sugar Aunts.
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Duct Tape Sit-Upon -- great camp craft for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts

These Paper Plate Carnival Masks are perfect for teaching kids about Rio Carnival, Brazil, and the Rainforest. During a study of the rainforest, read about Rio Carnival in Brazil and make your own colorful masks. Then, have your own family fun night of making colorful, feather-filled Carnival masks and watching the Carnival themed movie for kids, Rio.

Olympic Shot Put Catapult Design for Kids

Sugar Aunts Robot crafts and activities for kids If you enjoy arts and crafts you will appreciate our info!

Light up cardboard tube houses. Make a village full of cardboard tube houses with this fun kids craft from toilet rolls

Shoebox table football game. This simple foosball game is perfect for kids and it is made from a shoebox

From the garbage to the bedroom. Create your own kid-made cardboard playhouse.

A super fun collection of recycled crafts for probably already have the supplies in your recycling bin! Don't throw out those craft supplies, make something awesome with them instead. Fun craft ideas for kids and the possibilities are endless.

Sugar Aunts: Fine Motor Play with crafting pom poms

Water bead sensory box

Water bead sensory box

What is finger isolation? Use these button rings to work on using fingers one at a time in fine motor activities with kids!

Baking soda and vinegar react in this movement and power STEM activity to power a boat made with recycled materials. This is a fun outdoor STEM science experiment for kids.

Make this Easy Plastic Bottle Flower Vase out of any type of recyclable bottle and tissue paper. It is the perfect kids craft for Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciate Day and even Christmas. #CareToRecycle #CG ad

simple upcycle clothing ideas for mamas, babies, and home, Clean out your closet and then make these for gifts, for yourself, for FUN!

Check out our top 50 Easy Cupcake Recipes! This list is chock full of amazing treats that everyone will love to enjoy!

Make your own dyed lollipop sticks for creative and colorful learning and play! Math, creating, sorting, patterns, and fine motor skills are fun with these!

Work on handwriting and letter formation with a tripod grasp and hand strengthening with this activity. A foam tray and a chop stick make a great handwriting activity for kids working on writing their name and letters.

Ideas for using recycled plastic containers in learning activities for kids: science, math, sensory, crafts.

Rain Sticks - DIY recycled / upcycled craft idea for an older toddler or preschooler. Music you can make! Kids also learn fine motor skills, responsibility, South American culture and music / rhythm / percussion. ~ Danya Banya

These egg carton penguins are such a fun winter craft to make with the kids! And don't they look ADORABLE?! What a great activity for a snow day!

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MORE egg cartons??? Yes! Plus plaint and a little bit of paper and some string. Simple simple but very fun. Watch this space.

Egg carton knight costume by @handywithscissors •

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