Eye candy from The Sweet Shop NYC
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the sweet shop new york city is selling candy and candies for $ 1, 500
Some of our custom candy bento boxes.
a man wearing a santa claus hat holding a bag of christmas treats in a store
Kelly the Candyman is ready to deliver our custom candy basket!
an assortment of items on display in a room next to a dresser and mirror,
Little Sweedies, 30 drawers filled delicious candy from Sweden, mix'em up in our old fashioned candy bag!
a shelf filled with lots of candy and candies on it's sides in a store
Yum! Just a peek at our candy display!
there is a store front with balloons in the window and a clock on the wall
The shop!
a statue of a woman with candy and candies
Our Carmen Miranda Lolly holder
a display case filled with lots of valentine's day items
Valentine's Sweets 2014
a sign on the sidewalk advertising candy and chocolates
One of our cool chalkboard signs
several heart shaped candy boxes on a counter
"Sweethearts" filled with our tasty treats!
three bags of chocolates sitting on top of a display case
The best Butter Crunch in the world!