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@sherylunderwood makes a big entrance channeling Miley Cyrus 2 announce: #THETALK's swinging back to NYC,12/9-12/13!

The Talk on CBS! (TheTalk_CBS) on Twitter
  • designsbyjulie

    I ADORE Sheryl! I LOVE this show! I LOVE ALL the hosts! And unlike some other all female daytime talk shows, I LOVE that The Talk isn't mean - they love to laugh & have fun!

.Jack Osbourne gives his mum @MrsSOsbourne a special hug on #TheTalk today! #hugitout RT

The Talk on CBS! (TheTalk_CBS) on Twitter
  • Carebear Karaoke
    Carebear Karaoke

    The talk is the best talk show ever,I love each and everyone of you ladies,each day I watch your show and sometimes twice.. All the best to each of you... Sincerely care bear/Canada

East Coast #TheTalk is LIVE w/ guest cohost Joy Joy CBS New York @ChrisWragge!

Twitter / TheTalk_CBS: East Coast #TheTalk is LIVE ...

Fly away to Never Never Land when #TheTalk celebrates Halloween with a magical "Peter Pan"-themed show!

Twitter / TheTalk_CBS: Fly away to Never Never Land ...
  • Christina Sanner
    Christina Sanner

    The talk had the best Halloween show of them all. Congratulations. Totally love u guys.

  • Paula Butcher
    Paula Butcher

    I had a blast dressing up for the audience and won the best pirate outfit for my section.. Way cool.. thanks Bill.

Elvis is in the building on #TheTalk with the cast of "CSI!"

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.@sherylunderwood takes it back to high school w/ an hilarious #TheTalk cheer! Show your spirit & RT!!

Twitter / TheTalk_CBS: .@sherylunderwood takes it ...
  • Nina Kas
    Nina Kas

    Sheryl is the Best!

  • Amelia Petty
    Amelia Petty

    Gotta love Sheryl!

  • Amelia Petty
    Amelia Petty

    Gotta love Sheryl!

West Coast don't miss @MrsSOsbourne's Ridiculously Fabulous Birthday on NOW!

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  • 🌸🎵🌴Meg McGaughran 🌴🎵🌸
    🌸🎵🌴Meg McGaughran 🌴🎵🌸

    Happy Birthday Mrs. O !!! Your gorgeous as ever !!! :)

Bald, blonde & beautiful! @sherylunderwood WIGS OUT over Tyra Banks wig controversy! #everybodytalks

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  • Laura Scharrer
    Laura Scharrer

    I love these ladies! ♥

  • Mindy Housel
    Mindy Housel

    They bring me so much joy and laughter when I watch them!!!

  • Patty Mullen
    Patty Mullen

    I just love these ladies! Sheryl Underwood is the funniest and I love how she makes everyone laugh everyday. Keep it up Sheryl.

  • designsbyjulie

    OMG! I so agree Patty, Sheryl has to be the funniest lady I've heard. I'd love to have her as a friend! My humor is so unacceptable... except to my husband and our kids & their friends. I don't wanna grow up if I hafta be stuffy! LOL

It's Aisha Tyler's birthday party on The Talk! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AISHA!!

Twitter / TheTalk_CBS: Coming up next, it's ...
  • Carmen Holzman
    Carmen Holzman

    Happy Birthday Aisha!!!🎁

  • Kemberly Sawyer
    Kemberly Sawyer

    Happy Birthday Aisha!!

  • Richea Presswood-Webb
    Richea Presswood-Webb

    God bless

  • shirley pennacchia
    shirley pennacchia

    Happy Birthday Aisha!!!!

  • Star Love
    Star Love

    Happy Birthday Aisha Tyler!!!!

From outside the Big Brother House I'm Julie Chen...with my friends @thesaragilbert and @Matt_Morrison #BB15

Twitter / JulieChen: "From outside the Big Brother ...

CBS Fall Preview 2013 Photos: The ladies of The Talk on

The ladies of The Talk
  • Grace Wahlstrom
    Grace Wahlstrom

    oh Sharon you look smooshed

  • Nico Sirkis
    Nico Sirkis

    Just love watching you ladies -- it is obvious that you are all good friends and that makes your show special. Sheryl, you crack me up!

#ThrowbackThursday: Julie Chen @MrsSOsbourne Aisha Tyler @THEsaragilbert @sherylunderwood veg out on #BB15 set!

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Julie, Aisha, Sharon, Sara & Sheryl hit the Summer TCA red carpet fro CBS!

Twitter / TheTalk_CBS: #FF @sherylunderwood @juliechen ...

It's always interesting when Sharon and Julie are in The Talk kitchen! (with chef David Myers)

The Talk Photos: David Myers on

Hot off the press! Check out the hosts on Prevention Magazine cover! Watch #TheTalk's #LoveYourAge show tomorrow 7/23!!

Twitter / TheTalk_CBS: Hot off the press! Check out ...
  • Antoinette Bultman
    Antoinette Bultman

    I bought it yesterday. Love you ladies!


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  • bluebaby6 Baby
    bluebaby6 Baby

    Aisha dear, I used to be such a fan of yours. But since you said that people online are losers with nothing going on for them I'm not going to watch your show anymore. Have a nice life since you have so much going on for you.

Aisha's Book Blog: 'SELF-INFLICTED WOUNDS' PREVIEW - PART 1 Comedians love a good story. So much

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  • designsbyjulie

    I LOVE this show! I LOVE ALL the hosts! And unlike some other all female daytime talk shows, I LOVE that The Talk isn't mean - they love to laugh & have fun!

Blog: Sara's Book Review #6 - The Imperfect Environmentalist (in stores August 13th)

Blog: Sara's Book Review Part 6 - The Talk -

East Coast #TheTalk is LIVE! Except the unexpected as the hosts go inside #BB15 house NOW!

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  • Jacqueline

    expect! expect!

@aishatyler receiving beautiful flowers from @TheEmmys 4 handling the @DaytimeEmmys envelope mix-up w/ such grace!

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Adorable photo of @JulieChen and her dad on #TheTalk set! #HappyFathersDay

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There's a turn in the weather as things get a little stormy for @sherylunderwood on #TheTalk set!

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Hosts prepping for our Pie Eating Contest NOW on #TheTalk!! Who r u cheering 4?

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Script: Talk the Talk - Watch Magazine -

Script: Talk the Talk - Watch Magazine -
  • Debbie Appelt Abernathy
    Debbie Appelt Abernathy

    Love the show and the ladies

  • Jeanette Noel
    Jeanette Noel

    I love these ladies

  • Dana Zeller
    Dana Zeller

    My Favorite Talk Show!!!! They are awesome :)

  • Janice Gallant
    Janice Gallant

    Love em! Cant wait to watch each day

  • Johnna Gallaugher
    Johnna Gallaugher

    I have withdraws if I miss there show.

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Sara's Book Review: Part 4 - You Don’t Have to Kill Your Television to be Green

Sara's Book Review: Part 4 - The Talk -