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This Presidents’ Day pack is the perfect ELA unit for the week of Presidents’ Day. It’s full of Presidents’ Day crafts, Presidents’ Day activities, and has a focus on identifying key ideas and details in text. Great for kindergarten through second grade. Presidents Day craft | art | education | I Voted button


Schoolhouse Rock! - Election Collection

I grew up watching these shorts on ABC - "I'm Just A Bill...," "Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?," "Interjections!" - I know I'm dating myself, but that's okay!

Thinking back on when I was in middle school, I know I was a classroom representative at least one year. And from what I remember of that time wielding that sacred position, other than attending so...

Such a clever does voting affect our community? Each week is a new question to vote on. Love it!!! Our classroom voting booth!

Election Crafts for Kids

Having a classroom election related to the classroom or a school student council is a great way to get students excited to learning about the election process. As well as teach about what it means to have the right to vote.