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Teh lolz.

Teh lolz.

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Hilarious! This needs to become a Thing.

Could Monty Python be Psy's true inspiration?

Football: apparently, it's actually a game.


Poor, poor T-rexs... Keely Gault Ripley

Like, seriously. Tell me. I need to know.

My mommy is taken, but my aunt is single and hot.

Everybody get up, it's time to jam now.

Dat smile.

Good news for Velociraptorphobes.

Batman is always prepared.

Super rock, paper scissors.


Someday all that worrying will pay off, and you'll thank me. You'll thank me.

This made me lol.


This is truth.

The Force?

Florence + The Machine and The Master. OTP.

This produced many a lol.

Hoo tee dee!

I've been that ghost before.


The other person in this conversation just annoys me. They texted you a freaking whale! What's not awesome about that?!

They named her Starbuck.

Mind = Blown.