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This would be hilarious to have a pilot with this awesome sense of humor!

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Then one for Banner should be an almost. But Hawkeye, I laughed and laughed

Iron Man doesn’t ask for help…

Star Wars

Just stuff I find and like. You're bound to find tons of posts from fandoms with the occasional unrelated and/or serious post thrown in. Some things you'll see here (in no particular order): The Legend Of Zelda Skyrim Kitties.

And they miss yet another shot...

Funny pictures about Stormtrooper Selfie. Oh, and cool pics about Stormtrooper Selfie. Also, Stormtrooper Selfie photos.

Death Star's architect finally answer the complaints about the exhaust port. **Warning for explicit language**

Architect of Death Star Speaks Out About Vents in Open Letter

Potential re-post. An Open Letter From a Death Star Architect Hey guys. The guy who put in the exhaust ports on the Death Star. I know, I know Dis shit

Because everyone ends up in the bathroom at some point. Star Wars Theme Graduation Party - love this sign Evans Dominguez

Carbonite fridge

Funny pictures about Han Solo Carbonite fridge. Oh, and cool pics about Han Solo Carbonite fridge. Also, Han Solo Carbonite fridge.